Change is Good!

The “Dog Days” are definitely upon us!  Here is a picture of a German Shorthair rescue dog, named ‘Sutter’, that one of my friends is “Foster Fathering” while the rescue service finds him a permanent home.  News Flash:  I just heard that Sutter will be going to a new home in Wisconsin next week!

As long time readers of this Blog know, I have a Sheeapoo named Frankie and I find it charming and fun when a client has pets in their home.  One of my favorites is a big dog named Buster at the exquisite home I have listed at 210 E. Walton.  He is definitely a fixture and part of the landscape!  Let’s make it TWO doggie photos for today’s Blog!

After the listing sells there will be big changes in store for Buster.  When I think about it, my job focuses on an event, namely a change of home ownership, that is one of the biggest changes a person can go through.  Often the reason is a positive one, and I am grateful to play a part in the process on behalf of my clients, many of whom have become true friends.

For example, I recently sold a unit at 270 East Pearson on behalf of some good friends because they are going to spend more time at their home along Lake Michigan.  But then, their current Lake Michigan place isn’t big enough for hosting the kids and grandkids, so I’m helping them sell it so they can find something even bigger!  The photo above shows their current beautiful home in South Haven.  If you are interested you can see more detail at my website, just click on the following Link:  South Haven

Here’s another one I am quite proud of – a growing family, living in a beautiful condo at 55 East Erie, shown above, wanted to have more space, so I was privileged to put their unit on the market, and it SOLD IN ONE DAY!

Speaking of my website, there is more activity going on than I have seen for a long time.  Besides the fact that the market is rapidly improving, the increase in activity is also due to the efforts of my new partner Monica Sobieski, a fully licensed Broker who has recently joined my Team!  Monica is quite experienced, for over thirty years and counting her family has run a Brokerage business.  I am so glad she is on board!

I would like to congratulate my companion Lucien Lagrange on the new position he has recently taken on, namely to head up the Lucien Lagrange Studio at the HKS architectural firm.  They are a renowned firm with offices around the world, with business going on in newer markets like China and Brasil as well as the traditional markets.  Here is a link to a brief video of Lucien talking about his new role: Lucien Video 

If you go to my website you’ll see that while I still maintain my High End listings,  I also have more activity going on in condos in some of the emerging, hot neighborhoods in town, like Wrigleyville, Buena Park, and Lakeshore East!  Here’s a shot of the 240 East Illinois building.

One last Falcon update, it looks like there is one chick that hatched successfully and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will thrive and eventually become a fixture in the skies over Chicago!

We’ll see you at the Beach!

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