Real Estate Moves and the Falcon Has a Baby!

The last 30 days have been very busy (and interesting) times for the Chicago Real Estate Market!

Let’s start with a ‘near-miss’ I had recently that still said good things about the market.  As was reported in the news, Oprah Winfrey’s home at 199 E Lake Shore Drive, a beautiful Benjamin Marshall building as shown above, was on the market.  I had an interested client who went through and was close to making an offer.  Lo and behold, another client’s offer had been accepted after the home was only on the market for one day!

There is a lesson to be learned here – Although the unit sold for less than what Oprah paid for it, the speed with which it moved shows that the market is King, and when a home is priced properly it will get attention and a buyer will come.  It also shows that there are more and more buyers coming back out into the market.

As proof, yet another unit sold a little over a week ago in the 199 building. ( Perhaps this is also attributable to the lovingly executed rehab that John Buck’s company had performed on 199 East Lake Shore Drive as well.)  209 East Lake Shore Drive, shown above, didn’t want to be left out of the party, and sure enough there was a recent purchase in the last 30 days at the 209 building, yet another of the famous Benjamin Marshall buildings along that block.

There are multiple ironies here:  both the buyer of Oprah’s unit and the buyers of the second unit had also come to showings at my listing at 999 North Lake Shore Drive!  Further, the 999 building, shown above, was also designed by Benjamin Marshall!

Hopefully you saw my Blog about the Peregrine Falcon that built a nest on the rooftop deck at my listing at Juanita Jordan’s home at 1100 North Lake Shore Drive.  By its leg band we learned its name was Ballistic and it had migrated to Chicago from Cleveland.  Ballistic was carefully mothering four eggs in one of Juanita’s flower boxes!  The photo above is from the CBS News report about Ballistic.

Well, I was having a showing there yesterday and when I quietly took my client up to the top floor of the unit, we looked through the window into the flowerbox and saw a Falcon sitting on the eggs as usual but off to the side there was a new baby Hatchling!

Something else surprised us – as we looked at the baby in the nest, a second falcon came up and was sort of hovering over the deck and was giving us the eye through the window as it moved back and forth.  It looked just like the one in the photo above!  We came to learn that Falcons pair up, and the Dad does the egg sitting while the Mom goes out for food and protects the nest!  Thinking back, that Momma Falcon was not only being protective but I swear she was also proud about having us see her new baby!

So last week was big on both Real Estate and Animal Kingdom excitement as well!

What about those White Sox!

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