The Ritz-Carlton Residences have Arrived Courtesy of Prism Development and Lucien Lagrange Architects!

A new building with classic lines along Michigan Avenue is now ‘Open for Business’!  I am talking about the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Residences, at the corner of Erie and Michigan Avenue.  The building’s ‘coming out’ party was on Thursday, April 19, when a special event called the ‘Simply Magnificent Showcase’ was held there to benefit the Art Institute of Chicago.

As a broker I am excited to be educating myself about the building and I look forward to showing the building to my buyers.  Features include a full floor devoted to amenities such as a classic Billiard Room, multiple Spa treatment rooms, a Fitness Center, individually conditioned Wine bins, and a Grand Salon!  Here’s a link to a very nice blog specific to the building: Ritz-Carlton Residences Blog

A group of five international designers were allowed to create five different spaces in the building for the Showcase, and the results of their talents are now on show for the next few weeks!  Call your favorite Broker (maybe me, perhaps?) and have them come along with you so they can browse the five design units with you and then help you assimilate the different options and floor plans when you are ushered into the Sales Center.  There will be some buzz around the Residences, it’s the only new residential building currently opening in Chicago!  Mick De Giulio, the famous kitchen designer, was one of the five designers who took part and the photo above shows his masterful design touch.

The original building on the site was the 11 story Farwell Building, built in 1927 and landmarked in 2004.  The 11 story Farwell Building was clad in Indiana limestone and had numerous Art Deco design touches, making it a priority for preservation.  It also had an unusual French-style mansard roof as you can see in the photo above.

It was due to the dedication of Prism Development and the skills of the architect, the renowned Lucien Lagrange, that the exterior of the Farwell Building was studiously preserved and the design elements were left intact and even complemented and magnified by Lagrange’s new 40 story design for the Residences.  The image above shows the stunning colored glass panels in the plans for the top of the Residences.

In fact, Mr. Lagrange has designed French style into his buildings for some time.  In the photo above you can see not only how the mansard roof of the Farwell Building was incorporated into the new Residences but also take a look at the similar roof on top of Lagrange’s older Park Hyatt building in the background of the photo!

Lucien is making a serious mark on Chicago’s skyline, with several elegant new contributions coming on line in just the past two years, including the Elysian/Waldorf Astoria, Lincoln Park 2520, and now the Residences!  In fact, a documentary video about his work is being created with his input where he will be able to tell his story as only he can.  Here he is reviewing a medieval site on a recent visit to his native France.

The five Design Showcases in the new building are open to the public but I wanted to mention there is an admission charge.  For those looking to see the latest in luxury living it will be well worth it!  Don’t forget to bring your Broker with you!!

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