Some Worthy Causes and Real Estate Update!

PAWS Chicago, Chicago’s largest no-kill animal shelter, is having their annual gala tonight at the Drake Hotel. They are expecting over 750 guests, and Dogs are allowed, with a doggie buffet provided and even an Animal Masseuse! Please consider donating to this very worthwhile event!

I also strongly support the Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation, which is doing tremendous work in two main areas, 1)Funding efforts to develop a Test for children that will help identify Bipolarism early on in life, and 2)Develop more awareness and understanding of Bipolarism and help erase the stigma associated with the disorder. Please take a look at their link:

Focusing on Real Estate, I recently visited that beautiful, sleek tower at 60 East Monroe known as the Legacy at Millennium Park. What a beautiful place! Here are just a few of the amenities – landscaped outdoor terrace, heated indoor lap pool, and two different sky garden lounges. It is an excellent building to look at for those who want to have a city getaway!

Also, there is a sky bridge to the University Club, with its excellent facilities and even a Squash Court!

The Chicago Real Estate Market continues to pick up, slowly but surely! I recently sold a beautiful condo at the elegant Pinnacle building, and I have a new listing with unbelievable views and classy design at 840 North Lake Shore Drive.

You simply can’t get any closer to Lake Michigan, and with Lake Shore Park, a sunny park with a quarter mile jogging track, out your front door you’ll stay in shape with a minimum of effort! The building offers private Wine Lockers for each owner, and it is known for having the friendliest doormen and service people in the City!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have some Bulls Basketball soon! Why is it taking them so long??


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