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Dearborn Park and the Beginnings of Chicago's South Side Development!

I enjoy long walks and having the chance to closely observe the neighborhoods of this city that I love.  Recently my strolling took me north and west of my home in Museum Park over to Dearborn Station. Dearborn Station is a beautiful old train station building on Polk Street at the southern terminus of Dearborn... Read more »

The Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago's Five Star Standout - and the Air Show!

Chicago’s hospitality to the discerning traveler was greatly enhanced in March of 1989 with the opening of the fabulous, Five Star, Four Seasons Chicago. This impressive structure is 66 stories tall, and rates as the 7th tallest building in Chicago and the 25th tallest building in the United States.  How can a 66 story building... Read more »

A Joyous Journey Down Milwaukee Avenue!

I recently drove down Chicago’s famous Milwaukee Avenue, all the way from Lawrence Avenue down to North Avenue.  Since Milwaukee runs at an angle, there are dramatic urban spaces formed every time there is a major cross street, with several spots along the length of Milwaukee Avenue having a “Six Corners” layout where three major... Read more »