Strolling Multi-Faceted Michigan Avenue and Remembering a Friend

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I think the best way to see Chicago is to walk whenever and wherever you can!  I walked from Roosevelt Road to Oak Street just this morning along Michigan Avenue, and I was struck with some amazing insights. 


The Blackstone Hotel, the stately Chicago Hilton and the amazing Auditorium Theater were early standouts as I headed North, and I was struck by the huge number of students I ran into who were attending Roosevelt University, Columbia College, the Art Institute of Chicago, etc.




Moving along, the Cultural all stars show up, first the Spertus Museum, then the Art Institute, and off to the East our newest landmark, Millennium Park!  Another block or two and architecture steps to the forefront, with the Stone Container Building, the Wrigley Building, and world famous Tribune Tower catching the eye.




Suddenly, after the Wrigley Building on the West and the Hotel InterContinental on the East, the Commercial nature of our Magnificent Mile hits one right between the eyes!  You have officially left the educational institutions and the Museums, as you can tell by the sudden multitudes of catchy, high fashion shopping bags proclaiming Nordstrom’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Niemann Marcus as well as the always trendy Nike and Apple logos.  Let’s hear it for Consumerism!


The touristy and the commercial then join in perfect harmony as you get up to the old landmark Water Tower, whose sandstone survived the Chicago Fire, looking across the street to the out-of-towner’s Mecca, the sleek, marble clad Water Tower mall.



When I got up to 900 N. Michigan my delightful walk took a somber turn.  That building houses some Real Estate offices where one of my favorite people in Real Estate worked.  I am talking about Doug Ayers, who passed away one week ago today. 


Of course he was respected and revered for his leadership and insight into our business.  At one time he was in charge of 4,700 Coldwell Banker agents in 67 offices who brought in $17 billion of Real Estate business each year!  But I most remember how a compliment from him would lift me up for days, how he was calm in the midst of some of the most stressful business situations I have ever seen, and how he would always minimize his accomplishments, using his time as a keynote speaker at numerous events I attended to heap praise on the people who worked for him. 

He was the most powerful speaker I have ever heard.  Animated brokers, burning off steam and enjoying themselves at awards dinners, or taking awards trips on cruise ships, would suddenly become respectful and silent whenever Doug began to speak.  Not because he was demanding their attention, but because they knew there was quiet value in what he had to say.  I will miss him greatly.


I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the event of the Summer, namely Glamorama 2011, at the Chicago Theater on Friday, August 12.  They have pulled out all the stops, with the hottest singer in the land, C. Lo Green, headlining the show.  Proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House Foundation of Chicago and Northern Indiana.  I am proud to serve on the RMH Women’s Auxiliary Board, and I was fortunate to attend the Glamorama Launch Party last night, which was hosted by ChicagoNow’s own Candace Jordan.  It was a great way to get the party started!

As for my Real Estate business, there will be Open Houses tomorrow from 11am to 12pm for two of my favorite listings, namely 55 W. Delaware Unit 612 and 21 W. Chestnut Unit 1302.  These are both great examples of roomy two bedroom units that have great City views and numerous amenities.  If you want to take a look at some photos just go here 55 W. Delaware  or here 21 W. Chestnut   .

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

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