No Smoke on the Horizon(!) and Early Summer Festivals!


I attended a national Association of Realtors (NAR) meeting where I serve on the Governmental Affairs Committee.  One of the key points of discussion is the growing movement in Condo Associations to consider adopting bylaws that will ban smoking in the entire building.  One building in the Gold Coast has already passed such a restriction.

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We are sure this will inspire lots of discussion and unfortunately heated opinions will be heard from both sides.  One factor is that such a ban might be appealing to Americans but might be viewed quite differently by foreign investors, be it potential condo buyers or foreign Building Developers or Funders of Buildings.  Another is that it might be difficult to enforce, and undoubtedly there will be legal suits back and forth before the dust settles on this topic.  Nevertheless, I am mentioning it here as it is something we will be hearing more about!


Also, I am proud that our NAR Committee has been invited to come to City Hall and we will have an audience with the new Chairpersons of all of the key Departments and Committees of the City of Chicago!

I will share whatever publicly available news I am able to share as we develop a more detailed agenda and if possible I will share what I can from the outcome of this important meeting.



I am so happy for a close friend of mine who is an executive with Lettuce Entertain You.  He is here in Chicago to attend the fun festivities around the 40th anniversary of Lettuce Entertain You.  In honor of the Anniversary they are rolling back prices at RJ Grunts on Lincoln Park West to 1970’s prices, namely only $1.50 for a big Burger!!



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Another friend of mine, Photographer William Zbaren (on the left), collaborated with architectural writer Robert Sharoff to create a beautiful book about St. Louis called “St. Louis Architecture – Three Centuries of Classic Design”, and there is an Exhibition of his Prints today in St. Louis at their famous Botanical Gardens.  I hope to go there soon, the Exhibit will go on until August 21st!

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For this weekend you cannot beat the Old Town Art Fair – the original, all-volunteer Art Fair, not the Wells Street Festival which is fun but not as much of a classic event as the Art Fair.  It will run all day Saturday and Sunday, so go take a look.  Also running will be the St. Michael’s party at Eugenie and Cleveland, just look for the St. Michael’s Church steeple, you can’t miss it!!

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Finally, I was recently honored to be named as a member of Club 150, which is the Top 150 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brokers for Chicagoland.  I was happy to meet with the entire group on Wednesday, and our feedback on important topics like pricing was welcomed by Coldwell’s executives who were also in attendance.  The key advice we all had for each other was to get “Back to Basics”, which means we are all rededicating our efforts to get out there on the streets, working one-on-one with our clients, and doing whatever it takes to assist our clients in being successful!

Have a Great Summer Festival Season!!

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