Real Estate and Baseball Bloom in the Spring!


Wow what a week it’s been!  I usually keep it light but there’s no shame in sharing that sometimes selling Real Estate can be disappointing.  I put my heart and soul into my work, and I was passionate about a recent land deal that ultimately failed to come together.  It was a large, unique parcel in Lincoln Park – a short sale with a great price, next to the Park, with a famous Chicago architect primed and ready to design a memorable home.  Oh well, c’est la Vie!

2520  .jpg

Speaking of being close to the Park, I trust you are all noticing the rising beauty of the Lincoln Park 2520 development at Lakeview and Deming.  Besides being a Lucien LaGrange building, making it a favorite of mine by default, the location and the way they preserved the interior Courtyard will make it the best addition we have had for many years to the Lincoln Park skyline. 



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And, in keeping with the slowly growing resurgence in the Real Estate market, according to Dennis Rodkin’s report on it was recently announced that the 2520 project received additional funding and it will now be 39 stories instead of 33 stories.  I’ll take good news wherever I can get it!


But, we should not take the attractions of Lincoln Park for granted.  I am personally a little worried at the numerous storefront vacancies that can be found along Clark Street as you go from Webster up towards Diversey.  People forget, but it took attention and financial support and civic willpower to create the beautiful neighborhoods of the North Side.  It will be interesting to see if we get renewed energy to keep Clark Street vibrant after the upcoming aldermanic elections.  Sure attention is focused on the two huge projects that will be going up one way or another along Lincoln Avenue, but let’s not forget about that lively Clark Street corridor!


As far as being outspoken goes, I was recently interviewed by Shia Kapos of Crain’s Chicago Business regarding the impact it can have on  properties when they are rented or purchased by famous celebrities, from sports to entertainment, etc.  Here is the link: Crains Article  It was an interesting experience to say the least!


Fourteen years ago, back before he was THE Nate Berkus of Oprah Winfrey fame, I remember being in a conversation with Nate and his partner where Nate was being teased about making something of himself.  How times have changed, and I am so delighted to see him doing so well with his show on the Oprah Network.  Now I wish Nate would remember ME as well as I remember HIM!


I am so happy to see one of my favorite Cubs, Kerry Wood, back on the team.  Sure, yesterday’s opener was a disappointment, but hope springs eternal at the Friendly Confines so I’m happy to say Go Cubbies!

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