From the 1933 World's Fair "Homes of Tomorrow" to Millennium Park!


You wouldn’t believe it based on this weekend, but last weekend was a great one for hiking outdoors!  I chose to head to Indiana Dunes, which is not far from my favorite area along the Lake for looking at vacation homes, namely Union Pier.  I see so many Chicago people I know walking along the Union Pier Beach I might as well be on Michigan Avenue!


Speaking of shoreline homes, when I came home from my hike I was fascinated by an article in Lake Michigan Shore magazine’s Architecture Issue.  There is a heartwarming article there about the five “Homes of Tomorrow” that were built for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.  They were all moved from the Fair and placed on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Beverly Shores, Indiana just West of Michigan City.


The homes were mostly neglected until an innovative program by the Indiana Landmarks organization made them available on 25 year leases free of charge(!).  The catch is that the Lessees have to lovingly and accurately restore them using their own funds.  The new owners are heroes to bring these historically significant homes back from the brink of extinction!

j school.jpg

I was recently honored to be named as a new co-chair of the Joffrey Circle.  The Joffrey Circle raises funds for the Joffrey company and School but even more importantly to support the Joffrey’s community outreach and education programs.  Circle members can attend exciting events like getting a behind-the-scenes view of upcoming performances, private dinners and viewings, and being allowed to see the exquisite dancers up close as they discuss their special craft.  Take a look, maybe you’ll want to join the Circle as well!


I recently attended an event honoring a new book of photographs and was fortunate to have a chance to meet James Hanson of Mesa Development, LLC.  His firm was behind two of my favorite downtown residence buildings, the Heritage and the Legacy.  It took foresight and great management skills to bring these beautiful buildings to fruition.  Their commanding views of Millennium Park will delight their residents forever.



The Real Estate market continues to slowly move forward.  I had great experiences in the early days of Trump Tower and saw how people took to the amenities of the Hotel/Condo combination, and now I am happy to have a new listing at another of Chicago’s best Hotel/Condo buildings, the Rafaello Hotel at 201 East Delaware Place!

Keep thinking Spring!

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