Architecture and Politics: Chicago's Favorite Topics!


Chicago’s reputation as home of some of the best architecture in the world is well deserved.  One of my favorites, Benjamin Marshall, is being honored with a Black Tie event celebrating the 100th anniversary of his stunning buildings along East Lake Shore Drive.  The event will be on Friday night, March 4, at the Drake Hotel.  The main sponsor is Richard Driehaus and the Honorary Chair of the event is Mayor Daley himself!







Please go to to get more information, this should be a beautiful night at the Drake, which by the way was also designed by Mr. Marshall (of course!).




Architecture and Politics sometimes go hand in hand, for example Millennium Park was politically controversial but ultimately there is almost no one in Chicago who would want to do away with the beautiful Calatrava Bandshell nor remove the already-iconic Bean (ok, the “Cloud Gate”)!





Another example of this was Rahm Emanuel’s choice of the Carson Pirie Scott Building for some office space where volunteers could make phone calls over the last week of the Chicago Mayoral Campaign.  It showed some real appreciation for the work of the great Louie Sullivan to take space in the building!



I worked for Rahm there on Valentine’s Day, which I guess was my way of ‘showing some love’ for our new Mayor!


Speaking of architecture and Black Tie fundraising events and charity auctions, I recently travelled to Tucson to attend their Museum of Contemporary Art charity event and stayed at a beautiful historic mansion there.  I witnessed the craziest auction event I have ever seen among the hundreds of such events I have attended. 

Basically, the room was getting stuffy as the evening wore on, and in the middle of the Auction one person shouted out “Who wants to bid on opening up the windows to get some fresh air in here!”  Believe it or not, people began making bids for the windows to be opened up and within minutes the price had gone up to $5,000!  Sure enough, the gavel banged down and the Museum’s funds were raised by $5,000 to have someone open up the windows!


Finally I wanted to put in huge congratulations to a former client of mine who joined in with Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker, to form a company and market a line of hair care products.  The line is catching the market by storm, and Oprah recently highlighted the line as one of the “My Favorite Things” products on her show.

Let’s hope Spring gets here soon!

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