Out with the Old, In with the New - the New Look of the Loop!


I am especially delighted with a listing I was recently given in the heart of the Loop.  The building is 208 W. Washington, which is the former Illinois Bell building.  The listing is on a floor where the building makes a setback, meaning that there is a great oversize outdoor space with room for cooking and seating and unbelievable views to the East and South.

To the East you can see the newer entries in the architectural lineup of Chicago like Trump Tower and all the way over to the Aqua, while to the South you can see the ‘Old Guard’ of buildings where ornamentation was key, with Art Deco touches and Terra Cotta trim that still thrill the eye.


Of course there is always Ceres atop the Board of Trade, keeping stoic watch over the money that flows up and down LaSalle Street.  I worked for several of Chicago’s prominent trading houses earlier in my career, so looking at Ceres was like seeing an old friend from a completely different perspective!  I miss the days when the competition made it so lively, with the Board of Trade, the Mercantile Exchange, the Board of Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange all in the running.




And what a sight it used to be to see the multicolored Jackets of the traders and the runners, like a badge of courage that said “I am in the heart of the economy and fear no one!”  There was a time when I knew all of the colors and abbreviations like I know my own family members.  And all the cheap lunch places and dive saloons where they all headed after hours.



Yes, the Starbucks and Potbelly’s and rehabbed buildings like 130 Garland are giving the Loop a new luster, making it much more conducive to those seeking a residence in the Loop.  The new residential buildings are standing tall and beautiful beside the new Hotels that are attracting folks to downtown nightlife like the Wit with its beautiful outdoor café.





All in all it is a great improvement.  Who can look at the beautiful Joffrey Towers, the Legacy, and the Hermitage and not say that the look of the Loop is vastly improved.




It makes it exciting to do what I do, getting an up front look at how much the City has changed over the years!



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