Chicago Music and Real Estate News


A friend of mine recently went to see Bob Dylan at the Riviera Theater in Uptown, and it struck me that Chicago has the best variety of music venues in the country.  We have great music every night of the week!





We have made the most out of the old movie theaters that sprung up in the teens, 20’s and 30’s.  For example the Riviera, built in 1917, was originally a movie theater for the Balaban and Katz movie theater chain.  It holds 2,300 people and was converted to a concert venue in 1986. 


Next comes the Aragon Ballroom, home of great rock concerts as well as Hispanic music programs, which was built in 1926 and holds 4,500 people.  It was made to be a dance palace, with a special suspension system under the dance floor made of cork, felt, and springs!  The beautiful interior recreates a classic Spanish courtyard.


Finally, one of my favorites is the Metro, a little more intimate than the Riviera and Aragon, with capacity for 1,150 people.  It has the further advantage of being just a block or two away from Wrigley Field!


Now for an Event Alert!  PAWS, the famous no-kill animal shelter and adoption center, is having their annual FUR BALL, a Black Tie fundraising event, at the Drake Hotel on November 12.  PAWS stands for “Pets Are Worth Saving”, and my little Shiapoo came from PAWS.  I meet happy Chicagoans every day with lovely pets that came courtesy of PAWS!

There continue to be signs of improvement in the Real Estate industry.  The Bank of America provides a weekly survey of the market, and here are some recent statistics:  The Index of Homebuilder Confidence has increased in a recent survey, showing that the negative effects from the end of the homebuyer tax credit are behind us.  Also, new home construction increased by 4.1% comparing September 2009 to September 2010.


Being a committee member for the local National Association of Realtors I receive interesting articles.  Here is a list of the Top Ten states for retirees, from first best to tenth best, based on which states have the lowest taxes:  Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky, South Carolina, New York, Michigan, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado!




Stay Warm Everybody!

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