Foreclosure Issues and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As a member of the Top 25 Luxury realtors of Chicago I have the privilege of attending monthly meetings where the top people in various industries come together and address key issues such as the rise in Foreclosures.  We all met today, October 20, at LuxeHome in the Merchandise Mart. 


In addition to participating in the discussion around foreclosures I received a plaque I will always cherish, stating that “The Merchandise Mart and LuxeHome appreciate and recognize what you have done for the Industry and luxury business in our market place.”


Speaking of Foreclosures, the Sherriff of Cook County, Tom Dart, has led the way in making sure that no one is evicted from their home unless all of the proper steps have been followed and all of the paperwork has been verified.  Kudos to him for ensuring that this traumatic action is only applied when it is truly warranted by law. 



Let’s face it, there are indeed some good housing deals that come along through foreclosures, and more and more people are taking advantage of them.  In fact, even the State Treasurer of Arizona, whose office is involved in the foreclosure process in Arizona, has joined in.  His name, interestingly enough, is Dean Martin, and he was talking on National Public Radio today and shared that he has gone out and purchased three homes on the foreclosure market.


Of course, just because a property is selling for a greatly reduced price it does not mean that you automatically have a wise purchase.  Please consider that a qualified broker can be a valuable resource even for the Auction or Foreclosure marketplace.  We know what a home is really worth, and can pull comparable property listings and help you prepare for the big day when you go to make your bid!


On the Social side of Autumn in Chicago, I wanted to bring your attention to the 25th Annual Lynn Sage Fall Luncheon to benefit Breast Cancer Research and the search for a cure for this terrible disease.  The Luncheon will be held at the Hilton Chicago at 11:00 am on Friday Oct. 22, with the actor Rob Lowe as the featured speaker.





Also there will be an important Cancer Symposium at the Fairmount Hotel starting at 8:00 am on Thursday, October 28.  This event is for those with a professional interest in research, treatment, education, etc. around Breast Cancer.  Let’s hope that the collective goodwill and brainpower of all of these wonderful people will somehow help us get closer to eradicating this destructive disease and the negative impact it has had on so many lives around the world.

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