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A City Called "China's Chicago" and Autumn Events Update

Did you know there is a city in China with a population of 32 million people?  This month’s Foreign Policy magazine highlights this amazing city.  It is the rapidly growing metropolis of Chongqing, which is proud of its nickname – “China’s Chicago”! Like Chicago, it is in the central part of the country.  Like Chicago,... Read more »

An Overbooked Day in the Life!

I woke up not feeling 100% at 5am, but sick days are simply not allowed in Real Estate.  Of course my day would include the usual:  walking the dog, responding to over 100 emails a day, returning phone calls, squeezing in a workout, and coordinating with my housekeeper who comes in once a week. But... Read more »

Life, Theater, and Real Estate All Mixed Together!

With Theater Season coming on strong I can’t help but think about my friend Michael Morrison who passed away recently.  He was such a strong supporter of the Steppenwolf Theater.   He was chairman of the Real Estate division of Hopkins and Sutter and counted a close knit group of many of Chicago’s top legal... Read more »

Goodbye to the Summer of 2010 - Long Live the Fall Market!

              Summer is ending with some memorable moments! Being a fan of the Chicago Skyline, I was thrilled to see a dance performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art where the pieces were designed to express the Skyline.  There was a special discussion between the architect Dirk Denison and... Read more »