It's Summertime in the South Loop!

obama lolla.png

I have been at Roosevelt and Indiana in One Museum Park for over a year now and my appreciation for life in the South Loop continues to grow!

A weekend like this first weekend in August is a perfect example of how exciting it can be here.  We have a hundred thousand people per day attending Lollapalooza for the next three days while our First Neighbor to the south, President Obama, shuttles back and forth from Hyde Park up to Lincoln Park for his birthday events.

You would never believe what I see from my perch on the 14th floor of One Museum Park!  I watched the preparations for Lollapalooza start from scratch then progress like watching a time-lapse movie, with barricades, fencing, and huge stages appearing as if from nowhere, to the point where all of the stages were up by Thursday afternoon, and the sound checks of all the headlining bands began. 

Where else but from high up in One Museum Park can you crack your window open and hear Lady Gaga testing out her microphone and running through her songs, followed by other bands I had never heard before.

Then, as I finally went back to work, I was interrupted yet again by the sounds of sirens as a flotilla of squad cars came steaming down Lake Shore Drive, ushering along numerous Secret Service SUVs.  I thought one of them might have the President in it, but it was just his retinue being helped through the evening traffic on their way down to Hyde Park.

After a short lull, the loudest chop-chop-chopping I had ever heard began to pound through the air!  Even the dinosaur in front of the Field Museum seemed to raise its head in curiosity at the sound. 

I looked out my window not knowing what to expect, and found myself eye to eye with a huge Helicopter bearing the Presidential seal, flying low and crossing right by my windows on its way down to Hyde Park!  Maybe it was my imagination but I could swear I saw him (the POTUS himself!) looking back at me! 

Speaking of the Field Museum, they are sprucing things up to a perfect luster.  Even the Woolly Mammoth got dusted recently!  They must be preparing in advance for the Field Museum Gala in October, which will be chaired by two women I have been honored to know and whom I have adored over the years, Sandra Deromedi and Kathleen Klaeser.

Well, that’s enough news from the South Loop for now.  Enjoy your Summer!!


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