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Condos and Co-Ops: A Buyer's Guide

          Do Cinderellas live in Condos or Co-Ops?I have had great success selling both condominium units and Co-Op units in Chicago over the years.  Recently I have been getting many questions from prospective buyers about the differences between the two.Actually this particular Cinderella lives in a Condo (pictured here) and loves... Read more »

FNMA 'Fannie Mae' Economic Summary for First Quarter 2010

Once in a while I show my serious Real Estate business side.  The following excerpts and summaries are from a very extensive report put out each quarter by Fannie Mae.  Even though the Fannie Mae brand name was sullied during the economic downturn, they still put out an understandable and comprehensive summary of the United... Read more »

Oprah Winfrey: An American Idol Fan - Just like Us!

Several years ago I was privileged to find a beautiful home for a person who was close to Oprah Winfrey.   It was a happy moment for my client, and the home was truly exquisite.  She had told Oprah about her new home and the time came when Oprah wanted to go through the home... Read more »