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Listings Slideshow: the Real Estates of Melinda Jakovich

Although my goal is to provide behind-the-scenes insights and inside scoop on my industry, I thought you all might like some examples of the types of properties I am out there representing!   So, I’ve built a slideshow with some of the properties I am currently working on.  If you want to see more about... Read more »

Real Estate Brokers are Like Cinderella!

Us real estate brokers are a unique breed.  If you think about it, we’re Cinderellas in a  way, trying our best to keep up the front so no one will know the drudgery we went through to get there!   Sure, we have our dressiest threads on, looking like Cinderella ready for the ball in... Read more »

A Real Estate "Tale from the Front Lines"

I was once in the hospital having a procedure.  The problem, for me, is that it wasn’t the type of procedure where they knock you out.  Sure enough, after they wheeled me into the recovery room, my cell phone rang.    The nurse looked over at my cell phone buzzing on the side table and... Read more »