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Speaking with compassion: Sticks and stones can break your bones – and words can really hurt, too

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard the phrase, “sticks and stones will break your bones, but word will never hurt you,” at some point as a kid. I know I’ve heard it many times. And, I’ve caught myself echoing that same sentiment to my young sons. But, you know what? It’s... Read more »

“Mom, when are you going to stop embarrassing me in front of my friends?” An important parenting lesson I learned from my 6-year-old son

When I make a parenting mistake, I want to own up to it so my sons see that I make mistakes, too. And, boy, did I make one the other day. You see, I unknowingly brought up a very touchy subject for my six-year-old son. Yes, I’m talking about the number of teeth you’ve lost... Read more »

5 ways to channel a child’s vivid imagination into creative pursuits

My husband and I have been struggling with an ongoing parenting challenge. We want our sons to dream big, but we also want to find ways to channel their creativity into pursuits that allow them to better themselves and potentially the world – as students, people and world citizens. You see, our sons, like most... Read more »

Celebrating diversity: Can pointing out our differences help bring us together?

I admit it. I used to want my sons to not see the differences between us. When my sons were young, I’d never call attention to a person’s differences. I felt like if I didn’t point them out, they wouldn’t see them. Instead, my sons would grow up to be “people” who just saw other “people.” And, they wouldn’t be quick to categorize them by what makes... Read more »

Parenting is a two-way street: Kids help expand our horizons, too

Let’s play a little game. Can you guess the type of the “pages” I follow on Facebook? I’ll give you a few seconds to jot a couple of them down. Did you guess travel? Or, multicultural resources? What about parenting? Maybe fashion? Or, even about my hometown of Chicago? If you did, you’re absolutely, 100... Read more »

5 ways you can encourage your child to be an "upstander"

“I have a dream.” It’s hard to not think of these four words whenever I think about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a parent, I want my sons to dream big. I want them to think they can be and do anything. And, I don’t want anything to hold them back. But, I don’t just want them... Read more »

"But, mom, why not Hanukkah, too?" Celebrating winter holidays in our multicultural world

One question with six words has been on my mind for the last few days: “But, mom, why not Hanukkah, too?”  And, it’s all thanks to my six-year-old son. He uttered that one question with six words to me on Monday, November 3 – to be exact. It came right after our red shopping cart careened around a corner at a Target store near... Read more »

Raising World Citizens Wishes for the New Year

Today, just a few days into 2013, I’m looking ahead to what I hope the new year will hold for me and my family. Forever the optimist, I know it will be full of amazing adventures, enriching lessons and wonderful times – with a healthy amount of laughter, love and joy sprinkled on top. And,... Read more »

Moving Forward - And Looking Ahead

Today, just a few days after the election, the streets of my Chicago neighborhood feel, look and sound different. Gone are the political candidate placards. Gone is the polling place signage. And, gone are the streams of voters walking hurriedly in the chilly rain to go to the polls. Instead, people are remarking about the... Read more »

Involving My Children in Today's Presidential Election

I love election day. There’s a patriotic buzz in the air. People are talking and posting about the election and the important issues at stake. People are urging their friends, families and colleagues to head to their local polling places. And, people are taking advantage of their right as American citizens to take action and... Read more »