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UNICEF Kid Power Band: A great way for kids to get fit and give back

“What? We like to be active and save lives.” My younger son breathlessly uttered these words to me the other day as he slid into his seat at the table for lunch. He and his older brother had been doing laps and laps around our home. But, it was time to stop moving, stop running,  stop jumping. Because, it... Read more »

My son happily labels himself a “nerd,” but I'm not so happy about it

The other day, from the backseat of our car, my older son proudly declared that he’s a “nerd.” Being a child of the 80s, I remember finally being old enough to watch “Revenge of the Nerds,” and being happy that the lovable, smart but socially awkward “nerds” ended up “fighting back for their peace and... Read more »

Kids in glasses: Embracing our differences

I recently saw a Today Show segment that struck a chord with me. A four-year-old boy, Noah Fisher, burst into tears when faced with having to wear his new glasses to school. Even at a young age, he was afraid other kids would  make fun of him for looking different. So his mom took action.... Read more »

A First Trip Abroad with Kids - to Paris

This summer my entire family traveled out of the country, to Paris, for the first time. And it quickly became the summer of many firsts. It was the first time my husband and I were brave enough to take our two sons, four and seven years old, on an eight-hour flight. It was the first... Read more »