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The best multicultural summer festivals in Chicago for 2014

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Each one showcases the ethnic groups that make Chicago so dynamic, so vibrant and so irresistible. One trip to any of Chicago’s ethnic neighborhoods will show you the very essence of what makes Chicago a first-class, multicultural city. For a taste of the various ethnic groups that make up so many... Read more »

Photos: Chicago-Inspired Art at Renegade Craft Fair

I've always been enamored with these Cartografika prints. They make any map look like a work of art!
My husband and I love going to Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair at the end of each summer. Coming at the start of September (this year on September 7 and 8), the annual DIY artisan festival helps us mentally bridge the gap between summer and fall. And, it entices us with blocks and blocks of unique, whimsical and... Read more »

Top Ethnic Summer Festivals in Chicago - And Milwaukee

Nothing says summer in Chicago quite like a neighborhood festival. So, now that festival season is really underway, it’s finally starting to feel like summer in city. My family always seem to build our weekend schedules around which neighborhood festivals we need to be sure to hit. We just can’t help it. All of us... Read more »