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Celebrating diversity: Can pointing out our differences help bring us together?

I admit it. I used to want my sons to not see the differences between us. When my sons were young, I’d never call attention to a person’s differences. I felt like if I didn’t point them out, they wouldn’t see them. Instead, my sons would grow up to be “people” who just saw other “people.” And, they wouldn’t be quick to categorize them by what makes... Read more »

Bringing diversity to bandages: Chicago-area entrepreneur creates new bandages to match more skin tones

Have you taken a close look at the bandages in your medicine cabinet lately? I just did. And, it was eye opening to say the least. Tucked behind the Advil and Benadryl, were two types of bandages – ones emblazoned with cartoon characters and superheroes and others that I used to refer to as “plain” or... Read more »

Lesson from the playground: We’re all different – and very much the same

Last week, I took my sons to a local park we hadn’t been to in a few years. I took them there to play and have fun, as to be expected. But, our return to the park provided us with an unexpected opportunity to discuss the differences and similarities among us, too. While my sons... Read more »