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Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final airs on Saturday: Performers from 26 countries compete for 2014 title

I love listening to music from across the world. When my husband and I visit a country, we always try to stop into a music store to get a sense for the local “hot” performers. In doing so, we’ve cultivated a growing, eclectic music collection that includes artists from Italy, Spain, England, France, Japan, Israel... Read more »

Baladino: Sharing ancient sounds of Ladino music with people in Chicago and the Midwest

This weekend, my older son accomplished a major feat – he finished his homework for Tuesday a whole day early. What brought on this desire to complete it ahead of schedule? The opportunity to see Baladino, a Mediterranean folk band, last night right here in our hometown of Chicago. And, I was beyond thrilled for... Read more »

It’s a small music world after all: Similar songs take top spots on Spotify's country-specific "top lists"

I’ve become one of those people whose music, books and movies all reside on my smartphone and tablet. I can’t help it. I enjoy having all of my cultural, artistic and creative outlets with me at all times – at home or on the road. For music, I tend to “swipe” on over to the Spotify app... Read more »

Unusual (but very fitting) school holiday show songs

At this time of the year, many parents gather together to listen to their children perform in school holiday shows. If you have multiple children like I do, that means you may have spent a good part of your week going from show to show, hearing a wide range of holiday songs. With two kids... Read more »

What to do in Chicago in this Weekend: Top 5 Family Activities

As the weekend nears, I am constantly on the look out for fun, engaging and enriching events to add to our family’s schedule. When Friday morning dawns, my husband and I tend to go through the possibilities, coming up with a final list of events to try to fit in that weekend. Usually our selected... Read more »

Why I love the Spice Girls - and I'm not ashamed to admit it

I love the Spice Girls, the British pop girl group made up of five women: Victoria Beckham (Posh), Melanie Brown (Scary), Emma Bunton (Baby), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty), and Geri Halliwell (Ginger). And, I’m proud to say that was the case well before their 2007-2008 reunion tour. I have all of their albums – and most... Read more »