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It's National Volunteer Week! Use these resources to learn how to volunteer with your family

Today marks the start of National Volunteer Week. Throughout the week, people of all ages will come together to give back to help people and organizations in their communities and around the world. From April 23 – 29, you can give your time, your expertise, your passion and your heart to the causes and organizations... Read more »

Comfort foods around the world: As shared by moms from countries across the globe

Whenever I was sick as a child, my mom would make a big batch of matzo ball soup. And, she hasn’t stopped yet. I’ll never forget when I told my mom I wasn’t feeling well when I was pregnant with my first child. Hours later she was on my doorstep with a large metallic soup... Read more »

Bringing diversity to bandages: Chicago-area entrepreneur creates new bandages to match more skin tones

Have you taken a close look at the bandages in your medicine cabinet lately? I just did. And, it was eye opening to say the least. Tucked behind the Advil and Benadryl, were two types of bandages – ones emblazoned with cartoon characters and superheroes and others that I used to refer to as “plain” or... Read more »