Our New Year’s resolution to eat around the world - 52 countries in one year

My family has a big goal for the New Year. In 2018, we’re going to eat around the world. For 52 weeks, we’re going to eat 52 different ethnic cuisines.

At first, I wondered if that was even possible. But, my husband rallied our sons to brainstorm the type of cuisines we’ve tried or could potentially try in Chicago and the cities we’re likely to travel to this year. And, they quickly blew past 52.

So, together, we’re stepping up to the yearlong gastronomic challenge.

But, before we do, we set some ground rules to uphold during our culinary journey – and determine what counts against the 52.

Our ground rules are simple:

1. We can eat more than one new ethnic food in one week and still count it against the 52. That will help us get ahead should we realize that it may be difficult to eat new foods in a given week.

2. At least two family members need to tuck into the meal together. This can include me and my husband. Or, just my sons. This covers us should my sons eat an ethnic food while out to dinner with just their grandparents.

3. We can eat new ethnic foods at a home or at restaurants. So, it counts if we try out a new recipe together, try new foods at a friend’s house, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

4. We can enjoy the foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner – and it can be something sweet or savory, too.

5. My sons also wanted to add a provision for buffets – something they enjoy eating at whenever they go on cruises with their Florida-based grandparents. So, buffets count as well as long as we eat at least two items from one country.

6. Last but not least, we also want to try to take photos of our meals to capture the experience. Of course, we can’t guarantee they will be instagram-worthy – and I promise not to inundate you with images of all of our meals!

You can check our progress – and cheer us on – by following @wrld_citizen and #eatthewrldin2018 on Instagram. I’ll post some highlights of where and what we eat – with recommendations for must-try foods and/or places.

And, of course, we love tips and suggestions – so please send them our way! We’ve got 52 types of ethnic cuisines to try this year, so we’re open to ideas!

So, for now, we’re getting ready to do so some serious eating – and celebrating a world of cultures while we’re at it. This is going to be a year packed with new tastes – 52 to be exact!


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