5 reasons why a hotel breakfast buffet is always a good idea

Whenever my family stays at a hotel, we always select the room option that includes breakfast – if that means we get to indulge in a breakfast buffet.

No matter if we’re in Athens, Greece or Sofia, Bulgaria, we’re always ready to select and enjoy the breakfast buffet. And, we’ve never been disappointed to start the day by dining in our hotel restaurant.

Here are five reasons why our family agrees a hotel breakfast buffet is always a great way to start our day:

1. It’s quick and convenient. You never have to worry about hungry (and hangry!) young travelers in the morning. You just need to get dressed and head to the dining room for breakfast. And, if you select the buffet option, like we always do, you can jump right in line, grab a plate and start loading up on your favorite breakfast items. There’s no waiting – and that means there’s no complaining!

2. You can start your adventures on a full stomach. When we eat breakfast at the hotel, we can walk out the front door knowing we don’t have to go search for a nearby breakfast place. It’s so much more relaxing to know that everyone is fed, caffeinated (at least the parents…) and ready to set out for another great travel day.

3. There’s something for everyone. No matter what you like to eat in the morning, chances are you can find your favorite food on a hotel breakfast buffet. From cereal to muffins to waffles, your preferred carb usually awaits you – and then some! For my family, it’s a relief to know that everyone can gather around the table with enough food to be fueled up – and happy – for the start of our day.

4. There are always familiar “American” breakfast foods. Even in Sofia, Bulgaria, my sons were able to choose to eat pancakes and waffles, allowing them to have some of their favorite comfort foods – even when far away from home. After traveling for days or even weeks, it’s always nice to find a taste of home at breakfast time.

5. You can try new local foods, too. While it’s nice to be able to choose to eat familiar foods, a big part of our travel experience includes trying new foods. That’s why it’s always a culinary pleasure to be able to try the local foods usually available on the breakfast buffet, too. In Greece, we had tomatoes and feta and baklava. In London, we had all the fixings of a full English breakfast. In Sofia, we had the famous Bulgarian yogurt and ate honey right from honeycomb. In Barcelona, we had jambon (ham) and churros. And, each global taste added to our overall travel experience.

Do you usually eat breakfast in your hotel? What does your family like to eat for breakfast? What has been your most memorable breakfast buffet dining experience? Share your breakfast favorites and stories in the comments below.

Part of the breakfast buffet at the Hilton Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria. (Photo credit: Hilton Sofia)

Part of the breakfast buffet at the Hilton Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria. (Photo credit: Hilton Sofia)

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