Products you can buy to take a stand - and do good

These days, chances are you’re taking a stand to speak up for people’s rights – and you know plenty of people who are using their voices to do the same. We share social posts. We write emails. We place phone calls. We participate in protests. There are so many ways to “stay woke.” And, you can use your wallet to take a stand, too.

For me, my wardrobe now includes graphic tees with statements like “we should all be feminist” and “Eleanor, Jackie, Hilary and Michelle.” And, subtle ones like a visual rainbow of Hilary’s famous pantsuits – a la the formidable “Pantsuit Nation.” I like to proudly wear these bold statements to connect with others – and use my fashion choices to share important messages.

Whenever possible, I also like it when my purchases fund organizations that help make a difference – ones like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Are you looking to make purchases that allows you to make a stand – and help others, too? Below are a list of shirts, posters and more that you can buy to get vocal about the issues you believe in – and stand behind – in today’s contentious times.

Obey Giant: Obey Giant is now selling a “Wake Up!” print with an “urgent plea for all of us to activate our moral compasses and speak up.” As noted on Instagram, Obey Giant supports Planned Parenthood and will be making a donation to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

#IAmAnImmigrant Shirts: The #IAmAnImmigrant campaign “encourages all of us to explore our individual heritage and recognize our distinct and shared experiences.” You can purchase t-shirts via Bonfire to boldly state your immigrant heritage story.

Paravel Causes Initiative: Paravel offers a variety of products with inspirational messages to “remind us that while travel is a luxury for some, it is a necessity and lifeline for others.” On its site, you can find bags in a variety of styles and sizes that shout out strong phrases like “Stay Woke,” “We The People,” and “GRL Power.” Paravel donates 10 percent of the sales from its Causes Initiative products to support the ACLU.

Everlane 100% Human Collection: Urging people to “be more human,” Everlane offers a variety of t-shirts emblazoned with “100% Human.” For each product sold, Everland donates $5 to the ACLU. It’s part of the company’s effort to protect human rights and remember that we’re more the same than we are different.

TeeRico by Lin-Manuel Miranda: TeeRico is billed as the only officially licensed Lin-Miranda merchandise store – and it sells a variety of items inspired by the words and lyrics penned by the creative genius behind Hamilton: An American Musical and Pacific Heights. While the sale of select items support charitable organizations, you also can purely choose items based on their message. For example, the current Circle of Love is Love shirt was inspired by Lin-Manuel’s 2016 Tony Award dedication to the proponents of love and acceptance.

The FMLY Store #GoodTees: UK-based The FMLY Store sells #GoodTees – and donates £10 from the sale of each one to a list of chosen charities including Save the Children, Women for Women International, The Refugee Council, Mothers2Mothers and more. The line includes t-shirts and sweatshirts with simple – yet poignant – words and phrases like “Human,” “We Are All Wonder Women,” “Rebel” and “Stand Up.”

Hate Has No Home Here: Residents of the North Park neighborhood of Chicago created Hate Has No Home Here signs to show all are welcome in their community – no matter your language, identity, interest, ability or anything else. You can order the signs online – with a limited quantity of posters available for free due to donations raised via a GoFundMe page. You also can download the designs so you can print your own posters, yard signs and more.

This list is just a start. Stop back to learn about other products that allow you to take a stand and do good – as I find more ways to use our voices via clothing, accessories, signs and more.


What other products have you purchased (or added to your online shopping cart) to take a stand and help others? Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

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