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Travel: Should you pay in the local or your home currency?

Purchasing souvenirs is always a big part of my travels. Not a day goes by that I don’t catch a glimpse of an Italian print, a Dutch magnet, a British mug and a famous French tower that, together, make up a gallery of travel experiences inside our home. And, each time I went to purchase those... Read more »

Reunited with halvah - in Amsterdam

Whenever I used to think of halvah, I envisioned blocks of vanilla, chocolate or marble sesame paste-laden desserts sold by the pound in the deli cases of the Jewish grocery stores in Chicago’s Roger Park neighborhood. Whenever we went to one, my mom would ask for a slice of the dense, chalky treat, which we’d... Read more »

Do you let your children talk on public transportation?

My family takes public transportation a lot. Commuter busses. City trains. International-bound planes. And, when we do, I let my sons speak to me. Speak to each other. Speak to friends. But, I always encourage them to do so in low voices. As any parent knows, kids are inquisitive. They want to ask a million questions.... Read more »