UNICEF Kid Power Band: A great way for kids to get fit and give back

“What? We like to be active and save lives.”

My younger son breathlessly uttered these words to me the other day as he slid into his seat at the table for lunch.

He and his older brother had been doing laps and laps around our home. But, it was time to stop moving, stop running,  stop jumping. Because, it was time for lunch.

Ever since my sons started wearing their UNICEF Kid Power Bands, they’ve been on the move. And, checking the digital faces of the bands affixed to their wrists with each and every step.

Why? Because, they are indeed saving lives – while getting fit.

Steps earns points, points earn therapeutic food packets.

UNICEF Kid Power Bands track your steps. But, they take your fitness one important step farther.

By using the UNICEF Kid Power Band app, you go on missions to learn about new cultures. During each mission, your steps earn Kid Power points. Your points earn therapeutic food packets. The therapeutic food packets, which contain a specially designed protein and vitamin-rich peanut paste, feed severely malnourished children across the globe. According to UNICEF, the average course of lifesaving treatment for a severely malnourished child consists of 150 therapeutic food packets over the course of 30 days.

It’s simple for kids to understand – and feel good about.

It makes it fun for kids to do good – and give back.

It’s a win-win proposition for everyone.

So far, my younger son has earned 671 Kid Power points and unlocked 41 therapeutic food packets for children in need. My older son, always the fierce competitor, is desperate to catch up, having just received his UNICEF Kid Power Band for his recent birthday.

We’ll never shop at Target the same way again.

These days, a trip to Target is like going to the gym.

My sons run down the aisles. They willingly offer to go all the way back to the grocery section to fetch a forgotten item. They jog in place in line.

Always moving. Always checking their wrists.

I’ve never been more happy to see them on the go. See them logging steps. See them earning points. See them doing good.

So, now when they’re late to the lunch table, needing to catch their breath before taking a bite of their sandwich, I smile. Because, taking three extra minutes, or making me call them to lunch a second or third time is okay. It means they’re helping others be able to eat, too.

Does your child have a UNICEF Kid Power Band? If so, how do they like it? What are other ways you and your children help those in your community or around the world? Please share your own stories in the comments below.

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Charging up… So, my sons get in more steps - and do more good.

Charging up… So, my sons can get in more steps – and do more good.

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