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Five reasons why Rome is a great city to visit with kids

Rome will always be special to me and my husband. We went there on our first international trip together as newlyweds. We went there on our last international trip before we had our first child. We went there with our two sons during our first trip to Italy as a family. Each time was simply... Read more »

Pizza with French fries in Venice

Have you ever had a pizza with French fries on it? My family hadn’t until my husband accidently ordered it in Venice – and probably became the oldest person there to ever do so! While in Rome over the winter holiday last year, my family ate a lot of pizza. When I say a lot,... Read more »

UNICEF Kid Power Band: A great way for kids to get fit and give back

“What? We like to be active and save lives.” My younger son breathlessly uttered these words to me the other day as he slid into his seat at the table for lunch. He and his older brother had been doing laps and laps around our home. But, it was time to stop moving, stop running,  stop jumping. Because, it... Read more »