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Bagels: The origin, popularity and varieties of the circular bread with the whole in the middle

My family’s roots can be traced to Germany, Romania, Russia and Poland. But, culturally, we’re Jewish, too. For most of our large, casual family gatherings, you can rest assure that one item always plays a starring role on the dining table – bagels. There may be sesame, poppy seed, onion, raisin or everything bagels. But,... Read more »

Multicultural emoji: More diverse options are on the way for your smartphone

Do you punctuate your texts, emails or comments with emoji? You know, those little symbols that range from a winking smiley face to a biker riding past mountains. I sure do. For me, the images help further illustrate a sentiment, a thought, an experience, a moment in time, or an emotion. I enjoy scrolling through... Read more »

Top 5 multicultural events for families in Chicago this weekend - October 3, 4 and 5

Here is the Raising World Citizens list of the top five multicultural events for families in Chicago this weekend – Friday, October 3, Saturday, October 4, and Sunday, October 5: 1. Naper Settlement Oktoberfest Naper Settlement 523 S. Webster St. (Naperville, Ill.) Friday, October 3, 5 – 10 pm Saturday, October 4, 12 – 10... Read more »

Global desserts: Enjoying trdelník in Prague

Food is a huge part of experiencing a culture. It’s the star of any holiday gathering. It’s front and center at street festivals. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages. It grabs your attention and makes you hungry to find out more. And, food and travel go hand in hand. It’s nearly impossible to truly experience a... Read more »