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Street art from around the world: Paris, New York City, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Chicago

Here it is. The image that kick started my street art obsession. It's a work done by Fred le Chevalier. It greeted me every day as my family returned to our apartment in the Marais. It captivated me - and caused me to seek out more street art in Paris.
Like so many great love stories, I fell in love with street art – in Paris. My love affair with the increasingly popular and hip art form began in the Parisian neighborhood of the Marais to be exact. Just over two years ago. Walking through many of the 20 arrondisements that make up the snail-shaped... Read more »

Going home again: A family road trip to my husband's childhood home

My family has moved around a lot over the last nine years. But, we’ve never lived more than 30 miles away from the house where I grew up and my parents still live in a suburb of Chicago. My sons have slept in the bedroom I shared with my twin sister. My sons have played... Read more »