Graphic tees: Fashion trend puts spotlight on foreign language

I must confess – I love fashion and trends, and boy do I love a good fashion trend. But, all too often fashion-trend watching ends up being a spectator sport for me. I often observe and appreciate the latest trends, but am hesitant to incorporate them into my wardrobe. But, there’s one I am excited to accept with open arms and closet doors: Graphic tees with (mostly French) foreign language words and phrases.

Why does this trend appeal to me? I am all about celebrating different cultures and languages, and I’m thrilled to see an appreciation of foreign language reflected in pop culture and fashion. Retail chains and big name designers are in on the game – and I love it. There’s just something utterly cool about seeing so many languages living in harmony on one garment, or someone brazenly asking (or saying) “ça va” to anyone who happens a look at their shirt.

With spring fashions starting to flood the stores, I’m keeping a careful eye on which graphic tees I’ll most likely add to my wardrobe as the trend continues on to another season. For now, most seem to call out popular French words and phrases, but I’m on the hunt for shirts with words and phrases in other languages, too.

Here are some of the foreign language graphic tees that I currently covet for spring:

Of course, another option would always be to pick your own foreign language phrase or word and make your own graphic tee online via a site like Zazzle. Either way, it’s a good time have fun wearing your favorite phrase or word for all the world to see.

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