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Unusual (but very fitting) school holiday show songs

At this time of the year, many parents gather together to listen to their children perform in school holiday shows. If you have multiple children like I do, that means you may have spent a good part of your week going from show to show, hearing a wide range of holiday songs. With two kids... Read more »

Top holiday events for families in Chicago: December 20 - January 5

It’s finally here – the weekend before Christmas and the start of winter break for lots of children across the Chicago area. With the holidays in mind, I put together a list of great holiday happenings for families in the Windy City – from now through Sunday, January 5, 2014. May you enjoy festive gatherings,... Read more »

Looking out at a sea of familiar faces and realizing you belong

Today was the day of my younger son’s holiday show and the day he’d take his spot up on stage in front of the crowd. I knew it would be a big day for our whole family, but not for just the reasons I originally suspected. Before my husband and I even stepped into the... Read more »

Four reasons families should see Redmoon Theater's Winter Pageant this weekend

In a season when holiday shows abound, it can be challenging to pick out the top must-see performances for your family to squeeze into your busy schedules. To help make it easier for you, I’m going to put it out there and recommend the Redmoon Theater’s 2013 Winter Pageant. And, encourage you to go see it... Read more »

Paying the price for rudeness: French café rewards polite customers

The other day a headline in my Twitter feed caught my eye. The Local France (@TheLocalFrance) shared a photo of a sign at a French café in Nice, which listed varying degrees of pricing for the same cup of coffee (or café). The reason for the price difference? The way the customer orders it. The more... Read more »

Top 5 events for families in Chicago this weekend: December 13, 14 and 15

The weekend is almost here! And, there are a ton of great, family-friendly events for all to enjoy. The only challenge? Trying to fit them in as you finish up your holiday shopping. But, I know we’re all up for the challenge! Plus, it helps that so many of these events happen in neighborhoods with... Read more »

Winter in Chicago: United together in the pursuit of warmth

Nothing brings Chicagoans together quite like winter. We know it comes every year, at the same time each year, but that doesn’t stop us from complaining about the cold, and the snow, and the ice. Ask any Chicagoan how we can stand to live here and deal with winter and we’ll likely say that we... Read more »

Kids in glasses: Embracing our differences

I recently saw a Today Show segment that struck a chord with me. A four-year-old boy, Noah Fisher, burst into tears when faced with having to wear his new glasses to school. Even at a young age, he was afraid other kids would  make fun of him for looking different. So his mom took action.... Read more »

Weekend Planner: Top 5 Family Events in Chicago / December 6, 7 and 8

The holiday season is in full swing, which always makes for extra fun (and packed!) weekends here in Chicago. Here is the Raising World Citizens list of the top five events for families in Chicago this weekend – Friday, December 6, Saturday, December 7, and Sunday, December 8. 1. Do-Division Holiday Fest Division St. between... Read more »

Sharing the gift of giving with my kids on #GivingTuesday

As of today, my family and I have celebrated six nights of Hanukkah. Each night has been a memorable one as we’ve been fortunate to fill it with family, friends and food. And, with each night has come presents – and the expectation of getting more presents. I guess it’s only natural that our kids... Read more »