My 50 seconds on the Howard Stern Show (or why my husband is SO jealous of me)

This was a big week in my house. On Sunday, while the fierce winds and rains were pummeling Chicago, I got a tweet from the famous Lisa G. of the Howard Stern Show inviting me to speak with her the next day. She wanted to interview me about the blog post I wrote about why I’m glad my two young sons are Howard Stern fans – thanks to watching him on America’s Got Talent all summer long.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to talk with the Howard 100 News host about my sons admiration of Howard Stern. But, boy was my husband jealous. He could not believe that I got to talk to Lisa G. – and now she has my direct line.

My interview with Lisa G. was incredible. I shared my thoughts on how my husband and I were surprised how quickly our sons became enamored with Howard Stern. I also commented on how they attribute the strength of this year’s finalists to “America’s Judge.” My interview was only a few minutes in length – and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Things kept on getting better as the week went on – starting the very next day.

On Tuesday, I saw a tweet that thrilled me once again. Howard Stern had officially announced that he was returning as a judge to America’s Got Talent for one more season.

Howard Stern AGT Tweet

For months now, my sons have asked if Howard Stern will be a judge again next season. To them, Howard Stern is America’s Got Talent, and there was no way to have one without the other. I could not imagine having to break the news to them if Howard Stern had decided not to return to the show. Lucky for all of us, that won’t have to happen – at least for now.

As soon as I saw that early morning tweet from the Howard Stern Show, I tweeted out one of my own:

Tweet w/ Joy re: AGT

Later that day, while listening to a Howard 100 News segment, I heard my ecstatic tweet read on air by another Howard 100 News correspondent, Mike Hambrick. Having ensured its primarily PG content, I played it for my sons who then proceeded to yelp with joy and exchange enthusiastic fist bumps with me.

To them, it wasn’t so much that my tweet was read on air, but rather that Howard Stern was coming back to America’s Got Talent. The news can never get old!

We continued to relish in the good news of Howard Stern’s return to America’s Got Talent, which was regularly reported on during his weekly satellite radio show. After giving some of the Howard 100 News segments a parental preview, I played a few for my sons – including one with Heidi Klum’s reaction to the news.

Today takes the grand prize for the week.

My brief interview with Lisa G. ran on air for just about 50 seconds. It was surreal and incredible, and once again my husband was jealous. Was his wife really on the Howard Stern Show – a radio program he’s religiously listened to for more than 23 years?

Howard 100 News

I guess I have to thank Howard Stern – and Lisa G. – for making my husband adore me even more and helping make two of Howard Stern’s young fans two very happy boys.

For now, we’re going to relish in the glow of a fantastic Howard Stern-centric week and count down the days until America’s Got Talent returns to the airwaves this summer.

Were you thrilled to learn the news of Howard Sterns to America’s Got Talent? Did your own children love hearing the good news? Please share your comments below.

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