The top 10 signs you've moved homes A LOT

My family has moved a lot. By that I mean we’ve lived in six homes in the last 13 years. In that time, we’ve lived in three Illinois counties and had six different ZIP codes. You might say that we’re serial movers.

As we prepare to move to our seventh home and in our seventh ZIP code, my husband and I are starting to see the signs of having moved homes many, many times.

Here are the top 10 signs you’ve moved homes a lot:

  1. You have a favorite crew at your preferred moving company – and you request them every time. You know them all by name and, when they show up at your old home, they always remark how much your children have grown since the last time they saw you.
  2. You haven’t needed to do a good “spring cleaning” in years since you go through each and every belonging as you prepare for your next move – every two years or so (if you’re like us).
  3. You have a running list of which companies, organizations, services, etc. to contact with your change of address. And, you are able to plow through all of the calls and emails in less than one hour.
  4. Your real estate attorney really, really loves you. And, always says “see you soon” when you leave the closing.
  5. As you pack up for your next move, your children begin to plot which items should go into storage for the next move – and which ones you should try to sell on Craig’s List.
  6. The trail of housewarming gifts stopped long ago. And, you secretly fear that people will start asking for their gifts back when you pack up and head to your new new home. Again.
  7. Friends and family always wrote down your address in pencil. And, now are thrilled to be able to update it – yet again – electronically in their phones, etc.
  8. People always ask for your address before sending you a holiday card – just in case.
  9. At your closing, you laugh at the half-inch of space on the form where you’re supposed to write all of the places you’ve lived in the last 10 years. As if.
  10. The idea of moving doesn’t phase you at all – even the packing up all of your worldly possessions part. You can’t wait for the next adventure – in your new home or wherever life takes you.

Are you a serial mover too? Do any of these signs ring true to you? What other signs would you add to the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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