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The best pizza in Chicago - that even make New Yorkers happy

I’m married to a New Yorker who hails from Staten Island, home of some of the best Italian food in the country – at least according to my husband. While he loves Chicago, his home for more than 15 years, he still misses true New York-style pizza. To him, it’s the best-in-class standard for all... Read more »

Weekend Planner: Top 5 Family Events in Chicago / Oct. 4, 5 & 6

Below is the weekly Raising World Citizens list of the top 5 events for families in Chicago this weekend – Friday, October 4, Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6. 1. Family Cine-Workshop “Le renard et l’enfant” Alliance Francaise de Chicago, 810 N. Dearborn St. (Gold Coast) Sat., Oct. 5 Family pass $10 for 1 movie,... Read more »

Photos: Pub Signs in London

A nod to royalty with a pun thrown in for good measure... The Duke of Wellington.
Okay. I admit it. I took a ton of photos during our trip to London this summer. I just couldn’t help it. It seemed that around every corner was a perfect photo opportunity just waiting to happen – and for me to capture on my iPhone. While I was enamored with the palaces, museums, street art... Read more »

Best French Baguettes in Chicago

Often, when someone returns from France, you hear them wistfully speaking of all of the delicious foods they sampled and savored during their time there. And, when they do, they get a distant look in their eye as they remember the baguettes they purchased and took home, wrapped in wax paper and tucked under their... Read more »