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Travel Fashion: Wearable Metro Public Transportation Maps

A few months back, I came to a sudden halt while scrolling through the headlines that dotted my Twitter feed. Amid the breaking news, cute kid photos and traveler updates, I saw a mention of a New York City Metro Cuff that someone had just gifted to a lucky friend. As a lover of travel,... Read more »

Books that Open Children's Eyes to the World - Its People and Places

I always enjoy coming across books that help bring the world to my children. It’s an easy way to expose them to new people, cultures, languages and more – as we huddle together reading before bedtime. While a few stamps already adorn my sons’ passports, books offer us an easy way to explore even more... Read more »

Five Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your Family in Chicago

Sunday is May 5th, which is also known as Cinco de Mayo. While most people mark the day with beer, tequila and other celebratory Mexican-inspired beverages, there are actually loads of family-friendly ways to partake in Cinco de Mayo right here in Chicago. But, first, let’s begin with the true significance of Cinco de Mayo.... Read more »

A Stop at an Old-School Chicago Candy Company: Ferrara Candy Company

I grew up in Oak Park – a suburb known for its great architecture, wonderful diversity, and thriving (and ever-evolving) downtown. It truly is a dynamic town, straddling both sides of the always bustling, forever jammed-packed Eisenhower Expressway. It is that expressway that made it so easy for our family to head eastward into Chicago... Read more »