Travel Fashion: Wearable Metro Public Transportation Maps

A few months back, I came to a sudden halt while scrolling through the headlines that dotted my Twitter feed. Amid the breaking news, cute kid photos and traveler updates, I saw a mention of a New York City Metro Cuff that someone had just gifted to a lucky friend. As a lover of travel, accessories, and maps as art and fashion, I had to click into that particular post to find out more. And, it was a fashion love at first glance. I was smitten with the line of cuffs etched with public transportation metro maps – that could actually help you navigate through some of the world’s most amazing, bustling cities. With that one click, I became a fan of Designhype and its line of metro cuffs.

Fashion Mets Function – Never Get Lost on the Subway Again

Designhype Metro CuffDesignhype offers a series of Metro Cuffs that are designed for fashion and function. When the company set out to design its Metro Cuffs, it sought to solve the problem of how to carry a map – but not look like a tourist.

That’s something I can totally understand and appreciate as a traveler who tries to blend in as much as possible. My husband and I always try to experience life in our destination as locals, and in doing so, hope to have more of an authentic travel experience. With a Metro Cuff on your arm, all you need to do is casually glance down to find out which line to take on that city’s public transportation system. No one will be any wiser that it’s your very first trip on the subway of a city you just arrived in that very same day.

In addition to being a very practical purchase for an upcoming trip or a move to a new metropolis, it also can be a way to show where you’ve been – or hope to go soon. I was born and bred in Chicago, but I still proudly wear the Chicago Metro Cuff as a way to show my pride in my hometown city.

Check Out Metro Cuffs Right Here in Chicago

The Designhype Metro Cuff Series currently includes seven cities: New York City, Brooklyn, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin and, of course, our fine city of Chicago.

All of the Metro Cuffs are stainless steel. You can choose to have your desired map embossed in black, red, blue, silver or even light violent – based on the specific cuff.

Chicagoans can go and see the Designhype Metro Cuffs for themselves at several local boutiques located throughout the city:

ElevenZees in the Ukranian Village
1901 W. Division Street

The Inkling in Lakeview
2917 1/2 N. Broadway Street

Shop 1021 in Logan Square
2650 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Be sure to take public transportation on your way home so you can put your new purchase to the test!

Meshing Fashion Decisions with Travel Plans… Where to Go and What to Buy NextDesignhype Metro Cuff Map

Now that I know I’ll never get lost trying to navigate the Chicago Transit Authority train lines, I’ve set my sights on buying another cuff to add to my newcollection. But, before I do, it’s time for me to figure out which city to set my travel sights on next.

Thanks to Designhype, the choices are all good ones – and would do any gal proud.

I’m always on the look out for the next map-inspired fashion item (functional or not) to add to my collection. Right now I’ve got my eyes on this necklace, and I love prints from this designer that I saw at the new Chicago Flea MKT. What else should I add to my wish list – for fashion and travel?

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