Images from C2E2: Kid-Sized Fantasy and Fun

Today I exposed my sons to a whole new world – one of superheroes, fantasy and whimsy. It all took place at C2E2, the famed Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that took place over three days at Chicago’s McCormick Place. And, it could not have been more fun – especially for the pint-sized set.

From the moment we pulled into the parking garage, we were treated to people of all ages and backgrounds clad in costumes in ode to practically every superhero or fantasy character imaginable. There was Ironman, Power Rangers, Star Wars heroes, Batman, Piccachu, Harry Potter, Men of the Night’s Watch, and more. It was a wonderful environment filled with enthusiastic people who let their passions and their imaginations run wild.

It really was a sight to behold and something to experience – even for C2E2 newbies like us.

We chose to go on Kids Days to take part in even more youth-focused fun, and we’re so glad we did. My sons who are huge Harry Potter fans got to learn how to play muggle quidditch on brooms – something they could have only imagined in their wildest dreams. I guess that’s what C2E2 is all about – letting your fantasies come true.

For us, it was a way to take a step back from our hectic, urban lives and step into our imaginations, which are often fed and fueled by the stories we read in books or watch unfold in movies. My sons eagerly embraced their inner Power Ranger. And, I think their fantasies were able to extend a little further into the inner echleon on their imaginations when they saw others doing the same exact same thing – even people more than 30 years older than them.

Our day at C2E2 was one to remember, and something I’m sure my sons will rehash in their dreams as they play out new fantasies in their heads. And, that is why I’m already saving the day for the next C2E2 so we can all jump back into a fantasy world together again and let our passions shine through.

Of course, to truly experience C2E2 you need to be there among the crowd of people, superheroes, Games of Thrones royalty and more. To help share it with you, I’ve compiled a few photos that just may help give you a taste of the event and entice you to escape to C2E2 too – in 2014.

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