Raising World Citizens Wishes for the New Year

Today, just a few days into 2013, I’m looking ahead to what I hope the new year will hold for me and my family. Forever the optimist, I know it will be full of amazing adventures, enriching lessons and wonderful times – with a healthy amount of laughter, love and joy sprinkled on top. And, I’m sure it will bring new changes, opportunities and experiences that will take us out of our comfort zones, push us ahead to take on new challenges, and continue to expand our horizons. Those are my positive, aspirational wishes for the new year. And, I can’t wait to bring it on!

In 2013, I want to take on each and every day with a positive spirit, a zest for life and a desire to forever reach onward and upward. And, why shouldn’t I? 2012 was an amazing year for me and my family and I’m sure that it has laid a strong foundation for us to continue to build on in the days, months and years to come. To me, we can only climb higher and reach new heights – together.

Building on a Strong 2012 for the New Year

Some of the amazing “bricks” my family laid together this year that will enable us to continue to open new doors, enjoy new experiences, connect with new people, and discover new places include:

Took our first family trip abroad to Paris. It was amazing to be able to share our love and zest for travel with our sons. We loved showing them another part of the world and witnessing their reaction to meeting, embracing and enjoying new people, places, experiences and foods.

Started our sons on the path to being bilingual. We are so thrilled to have been able to enroll our sons in a school where they have the opportunity to learn in French. It’s been incredible to watch them begin to absorb, learn and speak the language – in just a few months time.

Established more roots in our “new” home of Chicago. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than three years since we moved back to Chicago from the suburbs. In that time we’ve made the most of the city, met a ton of great people, and got involved in new organizations and activities. And, we can’t wait to see what else the future holds for us back here in the big city.

Made a concerted effort to raise two world citizens – and began to chronicle it here on this blog. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to expose our sons to the world – starting with the neighborhoods, people and places right here in Chicago. From exploring Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood to dining at Phoenix Restaurant to seeing Sita Ram, it’s been great to have our sons be introduced to new cultures, foods, traditions and more – and to share it all right here.

Looking Ahead to the Wonders of 2013

While I am thrilled with what our family experienced and accomplished in 2012, I am hopeful for what lies ahead for us in the coming year. We’ve started down a wonderful path that I know will take us to great places. We just need to buckle up and enjoy the ride – no matter if our journey is smooth, bumpy or filled with detours. I remain optimistic for the new year all that it holds for all of us. And, I wish everyone all the best in the new year!

Here’s the world citizens in the new year – and beyond!


My four-year-old son’s “happy new year” card to us. He accidentally spelled out “happy new yew” on his first attempt. I loved that one too!

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