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Children's Animated Foreign Films in Chicago: Eleanor's Secret and More

There’s nothing like escaping into a wonderful movie that takes your imagination to another place, another world or another time. And that goes for adults and children alike. That’s why I highly recommend that families see the French animated movie Eleanor’s Secret (or Kérity, La Maison des Contes) – in the language of your choice. Eleanor’s Secret... Read more »

February Holidays Galore: Mark Your Calendar for International Book Giving Day

February is shaping up to be a busy month, chock-full of opportunities to expose our children to the world. In addition to bringing in the candy-filled holiday of Valentine’s Day, February is the month we celebrate culturally diverse holidays like Chinese New Year (Feb. 10), Mardi Gras/Carnival (Feb. 12), Paczki Day (Feb. 12), and Purim... Read more »

Foreign Language Bookstores in Chicago: A Closer Look at a Few More Options

Back in October, I shared my woeful tale of needing to find a new foreign language-book purveyor in Chicago following the closing of Europa Books in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. At the time, I set out to find and explore other new and old options for me and my fellow foreign language bookstore fans. Since... Read more »

Global Explorers Kids Carnival Event: Mardi Gras Family Fun in Chicago

I’ve been searching for a fun, family-friendly way to celebrate Mardi Gras here in Chicago. And, I have to admit that it’s been a bit challenging to find something that fits the bill. So, you can imagine how happy I was to learn about the Global Explorers Kids Carnival celebration taking place in Chicago on... Read more »

Immersed in Emotion at the MUMMENSCHANZ Chicago Performance

Wandering through an art museum or gallery, it’s easy to understand – and feel the power of – the saying that “a picture is worth a 1,000 words.” The way an artist captures a sunset, a smile or a blossoming sunflower in a photo or on a canvas can illicit an emotion, evoke a treasured... Read more »

Chicago's Phoenix Bean: Getting to Know Jenny Yang

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Yang, owner of Phoenix Bean, at a French fall market in Chicago last year. And, as crazy as it may sound, some of the biggest buzz at the artisan goods and gourmet food event was for the amazing array of fresh tofu and soy milk products sampled there... Read more »

Great Family Resource: Kid World Citizen 2013 Global Diversity Calendar

I was so glad to be introduced to the Kid World Citizen website the other day. The website, created by Becky Morales, aims to provide educational activities that help young minds go global. While looking through its pages of language, geography, and arts and crafts activities (to name just a few!), I came across an... Read more »

Swiss Theater Company Mummenschanz Brings its 40th Anniversary Tour to Chicago

Since having had such a wonderful experience taking my older son to see the original world musical “Sita Ram” performed on stage in Chicago last month, I’ve been on the hunt for other new, diverse cultural experiences to help continue to bring the world alive for both of our sons. And, I am happy to... Read more »

A Taste of Japan at Mitsuwa Marketplace in the Chicago Suburb of Arlington Heights

A few years ago, my family started a winter holiday tradition where we drive out to the Northwest suburbs to go to IKEA and Mitsuwa Marketplace. It’s hard to remember why we started this admittedly unusual tradition, but for some reason it has stuck. So this past December, we made our annual trek to the... Read more »

Raising World Citizens Wishes for the New Year

Today, just a few days into 2013, I’m looking ahead to what I hope the new year will hold for me and my family. Forever the optimist, I know it will be full of amazing adventures, enriching lessons and wonderful times – with a healthy amount of laughter, love and joy sprinkled on top. And,... Read more »