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What My Family Learned from Hurricane Sandy

I’m sure my family was like many other families earlier this week. We sat at home closely monitoring the likely path of Hurricane Sandy. We called, texted and emailed our friends and families to get the latest, on-the-ground news. And, we shared our well wishes, concerns and feelings of hope. But, I know my family... Read more »

An Afternoon Exploring... Andersonville

I love meeting my Aunt Barbara out for brunch on the weekend. While she lives in the near west suburb of Oak Park, she uses a visit with my family as an excuse to try out a new restaurant in a new neighborhood in the big city. She always keeps a running list of potential... Read more »

What's In Your Urban Tourist Bag?

Usually when I head out on my travels, I worry about what to pack and how much I can really fit in my suitcase. And, truth be told, when traveling with our family of four, my bag always out weighs the other ones – by a lot. I know you’re supposed to lay out your... Read more »

An Afternoon Exploring... Pilsen

This weekend was one of those special times for us when my husband and I get to hang out together, just the two of us, while our sons are busy playing at their grandparents’ house. All parents know that this is indeed a treat when you can kick back and relax (and hopefully catch up... Read more »

Getting a Good "Dose" of Chicago

As you are probably well aware by now I love Chicago – the people, the cultures they represent, and all of the neighborhoods that together make the city great. To me, Chicago is a beautiful, dynamic tapestry of ethnicities, traditions, artisans and individuals. Everything on its own is unique and special, but together it becomes... Read more »

Explore the World with the Chicago International Children's Film Festival

My sons love to watch movies and, if I would let them, they’d probably watch them all day long. But, it’s my thankless job to try to reign in their movie-watching habits and make sure they’re busy doing other things like reading books, playing sports and, well, going to school. Sometimes it feels like I’m... Read more »

The Magic of a Chicago Neighborhood Festival

There’s nothing like a good neighborhood festival in Chicago. And, if it’s got a ton for kids to do and enjoy, it’s even better – at least for a mom of two young boys like me. I love how just one visit to just one of Chicago’s amazing festivals can introduce you to a new... Read more »

Eating My Way Around the World... At the Chicago French Market

It always sounds a little strange to admit that one of our family’s favorite places to eat is at a commuter train station. But it’s true. We are very big fans of the Chicago French Market, located in the MetraMarket (adjacent to the Ogilvie Transportation Center) at 131 N. Clinton in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.... Read more »

Searching for a New Foreign Language Bookstore in Chicago

I am a walking contradiction when it comes to buying and reading books. With most books, I browse for them online and read them on my e-reader. I don’t read book jackets. I don’t feel the weight of the book in my hands. I don’t flip through and read the first chapter. I just click... Read more »