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"You Know, You're Good At This...Keep It Up!"

“Can’t” comes to our lips too often – how often can we replace it with “Can”? What talent or ability have you let go of because life got in the way?For me, it’s been my writing. And it took a person I’d just met to tell me that I should get back to it.I’ve been... Read more »

"Oh My God – This Is Real – This Is Happening!!!" Tales From a Tornado Touchdown

“A tornado is on the ground in DuPage County…” The calm before the storm A destroyed landscape in our backyard with massive trees snapped and shattered. Others with similar landscapes; still others with homes in unlivable conditions.  It looks like what you’ve seen on the news, but it’s surreal when it’s out the window of... Read more »

Why Do We Equate "Niceness" With Weakness?

Why does being “nice” not often garner respect? “Nice guys finish last” they say and “Mean Girls” rule the high school. A gum wrapper from my youth featured the “98 Pound Weakling” who got bullied by the big muscular guy at the beach – it wasn’t until the thin guy “got with the program” (by... Read more »

Old-School Skills Teens Should Know

Parents, do you find yourself frustrated that your pre-teens, teens (or even young adult children!) don’t know certain things that were considered necessary, polite, and to put it bluntly – basic? In my quest to truly tidy up all corners of my house this winter, I found a Chicago Tribune article written by Darcel Rockett.... Read more »

Why Isn't Kid B Like Kid A?

Do you compare your kids when one frustrates you and wonder why one gives you a hassle and the other does not? Do you ever think – or say – “I raised both of them the same – why are they so different?” There is a myriad of reasons why one child is different from... Read more »

Are You Strong Enough To Hold Your Opinion And Simply Listen?

As I see it, western culture is all about telling other people what “I” have going on. It goes without saying that social media is all about this – which can be great fun, but it’s very self-obsessed and its good purposes can be tainted by a culture that puts the self in front of... Read more »

They Will Never Get The Time Back

I’m a cautious person. My family and I have obeyed all of the Stay At Home Orders. We use masks in public, we haven’t had any guests inside of our home and our family has not gone inside any one else’s home since mid-March. When we are out and about and see people, we use social... Read more »

Toilet Paper, Zoom, Beer & Wine Cravings, No Haircuts...How The Pandemic Makes Us All Equally Human

As horrific as the trauma and stress of Covid-19 is, I’m consoled by one thing: Our humanity across the planet has never been more evident. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not, rich or not, accomplished or a regular joe. We all are facing so much in common right now. The fear.  The boredom. The inability... Read more »

Are You Genuine?

I saw this image enter my Instagram feed and it gave me pause: isn’t one of the highest compliments a person can receive is that of being called “genuine”? Am I genuine? I like to think I am. What does it mean to be genuine? What does it mean to live a life as a... Read more »

Pandemic: The World United In Physical Humanity, Divided In Mental Resolve

Never, certainly in my lifetime, has a situation brought the entire world together to fight an enemy – but even in this gathering strength there is division. Dissenting opinion is critical for coming to resolutions – if everyone thinks the same, then no new objectives can be created and perhaps areas of blindness will prevail.... Read more »