"You Know, You're Good At This...Keep It Up!"

“Can’t” comes to our lips too often – how often can we replace it with “Can”?

What talent or ability have you let go of because life got in the way?

For me, it’s been my writing. And it took a person I’d just met to tell me that I should get back to it.

I’ve been working full time now for about a year and the days are busy; when I get home there are things to do and one of them never seems to work out to be writing. So I’ve mostly let my writing – and my blog – slip.

Writing is enjoyable but it takes energy and I’ve felt like I just didn’t have any more energy to bring to anything else in a day.

Recently, I met a new coworker who had been hired for about a month at our mutual place of work. An experienced public relations man with a significant career under his belt had actually retired but came back to the work he loves because he is so good at it and he missed it.

For every person he met – and he met hundreds in the first month – he made a point of seeing who they were on LinkedIn and what connections he could make. When he connected with me, he told me “I couldn’t help but notice your journalism background – that’s my background as well. Hope you don’t mind but I went to your blog and read some of your entries. You know, you’re a really good writer – you should keep it up! I especially liked your most recent entry about the tornado that hit your home last summer – as I read, I really wanted to know what happened next in your story – it very much reminded me of ‘Drama In Real Life’ that appeared in the ‘Reader’s Digest’ magazine from a while ago.”

This conversation impacted me greatly. This man’s observations made me realize that I wasn’t using the best of myself. I have been denying myself the satisfaction and practice of writing.

Ideas for topics come to mind constantly; and my mind starts writing paragraphs or scenarios for many things in my head, but I have not been brought pen to paper – or fingertips to keyboard – to write it out.

I need to though.

As a parent writer of this blog, I also began to wonder – what parts of my children am I not drawing out the best of as this man did for me? Not in glossy compliments – but in drawing out what they themselves wish they spent more time on but haven’t lately.

It’s not for me to push them to find this; it’s for me to observe and take note of them, as this gentleman did for me. And I know he knows what he’s talking about with his stellar career starting in Journalism and making a name for himself in public relations working for some of the largest insurance companies and banking institutions in the country.

I knew his words rang true, and he had nothing to gain by telling me this other than being genuine.

That’s why it mattered so much to me.

It was an amazing feeling and it’s one I want to pass on – to my children and to others.

How wonderful the world would be if we simply looked for each other’s true gifts – it’s something I’ll be thinking about for this upcoming New Year – not as an empty promise but a real one I commit to upholding.

You’ll be hearing from me more often…stay tuned.

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