Gang fight: Six Against Two

Gang fight: Six Against Two

I was 14 years old. Finished performing at my school talent show. My group was called “Pocketful of Soul” I was feeling light and happy that Spring evening. We won second place. My little Puppy Love, decided to walk me home afterwards. As we crossed the street, we saw a bunch of guys walking towards us. They looked like a cluster of dust as we briskly approached. Their eyes became distinguishable as we grew closer – their gaze set on me and Puppy Love.  I’ve seen those guys before around the neighborhood.  didn’t think much of it. Puppy Love knew them, but clearly they were not part of our circle of 8th grade friends. These guys were older, a pack of wild dogs approaching. We slowed down when we realized they were walking deliberately toward us;  their faces hungry for some hell raising. Oh my God, I thought. That light happy feeling sunk down into my stomach like an anchor at sea. I looked at Puppy Love and saw the fright and apprehension. These guys wanted  to jump us.

The exchange was brief. They said to me  ” Why you dissing my boy, George for this punk. Their “boy” was just a friend of mine, but it was just an excuse – an intro if you will – to the next phase. A fist colliding with Puppy Love’s jaw, and before I could scream, they were on me like hungry bees. We were fighting for our lives.

As with any fight, it brought about a huge crowd. What seemed like a desolate street was now teeming with curious kids wanting to know what was going down. Some of my buddies from my group came to our rescue, and it turned into a humongous brawl.

Puppy Love and I were no longer a couple anymore but two separate individuals; Every man for himself. A short chunky dude swung at me and I actually ducked and swung back and hit him square in the mouth. I felt my fist connect to his chapped lips and wet teeth like a baseball bat cracking a  ball. It was a home run hit. But soon I felt someone jump on my back. She was yelling, “That’s my brother, Bitch, That’s my brother, Bitch.” Wait? Is that Roz? She was suppose to be my friend!

I felt I was going down for the count when someone pushed that girl’s skinny behind off of me, cloaked me in her puny arms and helped me run, run, run, home. She was known as the neighborhood crackhead, someone  I would pass by and not speak to. And she had less words for me. She was older than me, and thin as a rail. I would shake my head when I saw her scuffle by looking part human, part walking dead. I never in a million years would have thought she’d be my savior.  Never ever. She kept telling me to run, run, run as fast as I could. And that I did, leaving the melee and Puppy Love behind. This neighborhood “misfit”  became the wind beneath my wings. She made sure I got home –  home being  the “new houses” across the street from the projects. My friends soon caught up with me to see if I was okay. They vowed to take revenge.

I looked around to thank and hug my savior, but she was gone.

I learned something that night. “Judge not lest ye be judged”. When I saw her months later, she was walking around looking down and out as usual. This time I spoke. And she grunted an acknowledgement and kept stepping.

Reluctantly, so did I.

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