Core Values: Fathers who pass them down

Core Values: Fathers who pass them down
What would be the King's core values?

In a time when good fathering has become a precious commodity, it’s gratifying to know that some dads get it right.

Raising Hell: Rearing your kids without core values or honorable expectations.

Raising Them Well: Passing down positive values from generation to generation.

A parent friend of mine Nile Gossett, shared with me his brand of fathering. His father passed down a code of conduct and core values that affirmed their roles as positive black men. Now Nile passes those same values on to his young son.  Nile tells him, “Gossett men treat women with respect” and “Gossett men finish what they start”. Soon these truths will become ingrained in his son’s character.

My husband agreed the idea of passing down a formal set of Hughes Men Core Values could become a meaningful family tradition.  So we asked his father, my youngest son and my oldest, who has two sons of his own, to come up with specific affirmations that speak to the true character of Hughes men. I think that if fathers, mothers or families in general, were to establish specific core values to live by and pass down to the next generation, we would have more positive outcomes.

Here is what the Hughes Men came up with. (I’m going to frame these values and give them to family members as Christmas gifts)


Hughes Men are Godly

We serve in the church and out of it by spreading His creed through our words and deeds

Hughes Men are Honorable

We act with honesty, integrity and truth

Hughes Men are Confident

We know who we are, no brag just fact

Hughes Men Don’t Give Up

We press toward the mark and finish what we start

Hughes Men are Creative

We think differently and change the world

Hughes Men Finish School

We do our best to be a success

Hughes Men have a Good Work Ethic

We follow up and follow through

Hughes Men are Self-Sufficient

We cook, clean and take care of our business

Hughes Men Fear Not

We are of good courage and don’t let Darkness defeat us

Hughes Men are Athletic

We exercise our muscles and our minds

Hughes Men Live Clean

Healthy “eats”, good sleep, no drugs mean NO SCRUBBS!

Hughes Men Have a Sense of Humor

We’d rather tell a joke than become one

Hughes Men Uphold Family

From father to brother, we stay connected to each other

Hughes Men Don’t Lose Control

If we do, we lose our power

Hughes Men Live with an Attitude of Gratitude

Giving thanks and giving back ensures we live more abundantly


What are your core values?


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