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Former ASPCA head joins PIJAC: A match made in a puppy mill

Former ASPCA head joins PIJAC: A match made in a puppy mill
When it comes to the fight against puppy mills, money is no object and some pretty big players are apparently for sale. Big, as in the former head of one of the largest organizations that had been going to bat against puppy mills. As of last week, Ed Sayres, the former head of the ASPCA,... Read more »

Brandi's bucket list: Puppy mill rescue makes most of borrowed time

Brandi's bucket list: Puppy mill rescue makes most of borrowed time
Brandi’s family thought they’d have years to spoil her. After a lifetime as a breeding dog in a Pennsylvania puppy mill, she was rescued into the good life last December. When her family found out that their puppy mill rescue had an inoperable cardiac tumor, they decided to give Brandi a great life they could... Read more »

A dog's eye view of a puppy mill rescue

Teddy and Harley get ready to hit the road for Harley to the Rescue with the National Mill Dog Rescue.
Yesterday, I shared the heartwarming story of Harley to the Rescue – a rescue mission where puppy mill survivor Harley was involved in the rescue of his own son and daughter from the same mill where he was once held captive. Today, I’m sharing a slideshow of the puppy mill rescue mission. The first wave... Read more »

Puppy Steps: Suburban woman speaks out about sick puppy

A few short weeks ago, Stacey Kranz didn’t picture herself as an activist. Then, she purchased a puppy from Puppy Steps in Spring Hill Mall that was diagnosed with Giardia – a contagious parasite – she is now on a mission to educate fellow consumers about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. And,... Read more »

Black Forest fire destroys home of puppy mill rescuers

The Black Forest fire has destroyed the home of a Colorado family that founded an organization responsible for rescuing over 7,700 dogs from horrid conditions in puppy mills over the past six years. Theresa and Rich Strader, their two daughters and all of their dogs were able to evacuate in time and are now staying... Read more »

The tale of two pet store protests

In the world of puppy mills and dog sales, the local story tends to focus on where your community is on the supply and demand side of the business. If you’re from Missouri and Iowa, the number one and two states for puppy mills, the spotlight is on the breeders, auctions and legislation focused on... Read more »

Furry Babies sued for selling puppy mill dogs

When I first met Cari Meyers of The Puppy Mill Project nearly two years ago, she had a certain Chicago-area pet store chain in her sights. Her group had been getting calls from consumers about Furry Babies. Her small band of volunteers had been investigating and had started to put the pieces together for a... Read more »

Puppy mill congressional district: Do the dogs get to vote?

If there ever were a time to give dogs a right to vote, it would be now. As of next week, puppy mill owners could have their own representative in congress. Jason Smith, a Republican from Southeast Missouri, is currently favored to win a special congressional election in the 8th Congressional District. His mother is... Read more »

About puppy mills and Kindness to Animals

About a year and a half ago, I met Cari Meyers for lunch, just lunch, to talk about a topic very near and dear to her heart – puppy mills. I had recently started to write freelance articles about animal rescue in Chicago and Cari is the go to person on puppy mills. It was... Read more »

Victor's new life comes after severe injury before puppy mill rescue

It was Victor’s lucky day. After years of living in horrendous conditions in an Iowa puppy mill, Victor went up for auction at the end of April. The mill was closing and the winning bidder was an animal rescue, making him part of a puppy mill rescue. Victor finally had his ticket to freedom and... Read more »
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