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Eight tips to be prepared if your pet suddenly becomes ill

Eight tips to be prepared if your pet suddenly becomes ill
After publishing Friday’s post about the sudden illness and death of a suburban Chicago dog, I’ve heard from several people with similar stories. In these cases, dogs that appeared to be healthy overall quickly became sick and died from similar symptoms to those mentioned in the post. I’d like to point out that canine circovirus... Read more »

Has the new canine circovirus killed a Chicago area dog?

A suburban Chicago woman who lost her dog to a raging virus strongly suspects her dog may have succumbed to a new deadly dog virus – canine circovirus. Now, Shawna Steiner is on a mission to warn other dog owners to be on the look out for signs of the disease while she searches for... Read more »

Five ways a pet's diet can impact their health

Five ways a pet's diet can impact their health
As most of the millions of pet owners can attest to, a sick pet can end up costing a lot of money. Whether the pet has a short term illness or a chronic one, it can mean multiple trips to the veterinarian. The good news is that there are things that people can do in... Read more »

Petland puppies and the Puppy Lemon Law

Four years ago, Stephanie Essex and her husband went into Petland in Bolingbrook to buy fish and fell in love instead with a little American Bulldog puppy. The couple, who lived with a rescued lab, purchased the dog they named Buster that day and picked him up a couple of days later. “That was the... Read more »

A visit to a cat friendly veterinary practice

Cats continue to be America’s most popular pet, outnumbering dogs by 15 million, but they are only half as likely to go to the veterinarian for preventive care as their canine counterparts. A recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) found that cat visits to the vet have dropped 30% in the past... Read more »

The tale of two pet store protests

In the world of puppy mills and dog sales, the local story tends to focus on where your community is on the supply and demand side of the business. If you’re from Missouri and Iowa, the number one and two states for puppy mills, the spotlight is on the breeders, auctions and legislation focused on... Read more »

Low cost spay and neuter services for Waukegan pets

Two Lake County groups are joining forces to help cut down on the pet over population in Waukegan. The Alliance for Humane Action (AHA!) and Waukegan Animals Getting Saved (WAGS) are sponsoring low cost spay, neuter and vaccination services for a limited time to Waukegan residents. Services will cover spay or neuter surgeries and a... Read more »

Furry Babies sued for selling puppy mill dogs

When I first met Cari Meyers of The Puppy Mill Project nearly two years ago, she had a certain Chicago-area pet store chain in her sights. Her group had been getting calls from consumers about Furry Babies. Her small band of volunteers had been investigating and had started to put the pieces together for a... Read more »

Dog bite prevention: Tips to make your child more dog savvy

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. And, if you have a child in your home, chances are there’s a natural curiosity about most dogs that is only enhanced by a child’s exuberance to make a new furry friend. That mixture could put your child at risk for a dog bite unless you take steps in... Read more »

Rockin for Rescue Vegas-Style: Raising Funds for Pets in Need

Filly is one of Trio’s more recent rescues. She was initially spotted on the side of the road by a police officer and by the time her rescuers arrived, she had sought shelter in a discarded car tire. Consumed by fear, she made one last ditch effort to escape and ultimately found herself under the car of her rescuers.
An animal rescue organization that routinely bets on the long shots is hosting their own Vegas-style fundraiser this weekend. Trio Animal Foundation’s Rockin for Rescue Vegas-Style will be at the Stadium Club at US Cellular Field on Saturday. The doors open at 7:30 and the event features food, drinks, great music, dancing and a casino... Read more »
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