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Reach Out Rescue looks for answers for dog found on 90/94

Reach Out Rescue looks for answers for dog found on 90/94
The question of the week at Reach Out Rescue is – who is Ariel and how did she end up on a busy highway this past weekend? A volunteer rescued the dog after she was found wandering on 90/94 near 95th street. Now the organization is getting out the word to see if anyone recognizes... Read more »

Stopping parvo in puppies before it hits shelters and rescues

Stopping parvo in puppies before it hits shelters and rescues
Not to long ago a couple of adorable puppies were dropped off at Chicago Animal Care and Control. One was an owner surrender and the other a stray. Both dogs were under 12 weeks old and quickly became ill. Recognizing canine parvovirus, a rescuer stepped up and checked them both in for veterinary care. Blake,... Read more »

Dog Patch Pet and Feed: Pet rescue program continues to grow

Two Naperville pet stores were in the spotlight for two very different reasons this past week. While the Naperville Petland came under fire when pictures of emaciated puppies at the store hit social media, Greg Gordon of Dog Patch Pet and Feed was working behind the scenes with other pet storeowners who want to offer... Read more »

Bonded pairs look for forever home as a team

I am a serial bonded pair adopter. From the first set of kittens I brought home as an adult to the current dynamic duo in our home, I am a sucker for bonded pairs. I’ve witnessed the heartbreak when one of our senior cats died, leaving behind his sister. When I read about a pair... Read more »

Puppy Steps: Suburban woman speaks out about sick puppy

A few short weeks ago, Stacey Kranz didn’t picture herself as an activist. Then, she purchased a puppy from Puppy Steps in Spring Hill Mall that was diagnosed with Giardia – a contagious parasite – she is now on a mission to educate fellow consumers about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. And,... Read more »

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze
Is pet travel in your plans this summer? If you’re getting ready to hit the road with your pet, whether you are going on a weekend getaway or extended vacation, it helps to be prepared. Packing a bag for your pet with food, treats, toys and other items from home (favorite blanket or bed) will... Read more »

North Chicago Animal Control sees quick turnaround

North Chicago Animals Needing Rescue - Jack is a great boy who loves everyone and has been good with dogs at the shelter. He even seems to be happy in the kennel, but would rather be out with people.
There’s a movement in many communities aimed at changing the mission and the perception of their local animal controls. In the Chicago-area alone, there’s a growing number of community animal controls that have made a total turnaround from being a holding place until pets run out of time and are euthanized to  helping them find... Read more »

The tale of two pet store protests

In the world of puppy mills and dog sales, the local story tends to focus on where your community is on the supply and demand side of the business. If you’re from Missouri and Iowa, the number one and two states for puppy mills, the spotlight is on the breeders, auctions and legislation focused on... Read more »

Brothers create My Dog Talks app to get pets talking

What do you do to challenge your kids to put down their digital gadgets and get creative? If you’re Heather and Marc Fineman, you challenge you sons to stop playing with their apps and beat their winter boredom by creating one of their own. They accepted the challenge and created My Dog Talks. “We started... Read more »

Low cost spay and neuter services for Waukegan pets

Two Lake County groups are joining forces to help cut down on the pet over population in Waukegan. The Alliance for Humane Action (AHA!) and Waukegan Animals Getting Saved (WAGS) are sponsoring low cost spay, neuter and vaccination services for a limited time to Waukegan residents. Services will cover spay or neuter surgeries and a... Read more »
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