Time for Pet Stores to Show Us the Mammas!

Photo3-10000I have a simple request for pet stores around the country selling commercially bred dogs and cats – Show us the mammas!

The battle continues to heat up between pet storeowners that sell puppies and kittens and those fighting to outlaw the practice. Throughout the country, pet stores keep touting the great breeders where they get their pets and animal advocates continue to make accusations about the origins of the animals. One-way to silence the debate is to show us the mammas…it’s just that simple.

One week ago, two of the pet store owners battling the Chicago ban on the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens in pet stores have decided to file yet another lawsuit. This time, they are focusing on the advocacy group that spearheaded the ban and has spent a lot of time getting the word out on the pet store-puppy mill connection.

According to the Cook County Record, Jim Sparks Sr., owner of Park Pet Shop, and Lane Boron, owner of Pocket Puppies Inc., have filed a defamation complaint against activist Cari Meyers and her organization, The Puppy Mill Project.

Sparks and Boron aren’t new to filing lawsuits. The duo had previously filed a suit to stop Chicago’s pet store ordinance from going into effect. That suit was eventually tossed out of court and both pet shops now need to become compliant with the new ordinance and move to a humane model or pay the piper (the city of Chicago.)

If you’re not familiar with the story, Chicago passed an ordinance two years ago (followed quickly by Cook County) forcing pet stores that had been selling commercially bred puppies and kittens to move to a rescue only model. The move is aimed at shutting down the puppy mill pipeline between the puppy mills that inhumanely breed the pets to the stores that sell them.

Throughout the dispute, stores battling the ban have contended their dogs don’t come from puppy mills and come from reputable breeders. That could very well be true. But if it is, I have a simple request.

Show us the mammas!

That’s right.

Show us the mammas!

Up and down the line, we keep hearing from a variety of pet stores that their puppies and kittens only come from the best possible breeders. If that is the case, why can’t you just…

Show us the mammas!

For every pet store that brags about their great resources, please open up your books and send us down the yellow brick road to your source. Illinois has a pet store disclosure act that requires the pet stores to post the origin of the pets they sell on or near the cage. At pet store after pet store, you need to ask to see the paper work. In many cases, all you see is broker information but little information about the 100-pound pile of doo doo in the room – the address of the breeder providing the puppies.

Why all the secrecy from anyone? Why can’t you show us the mammas?

The dogs sold in many of the stores come from USDA licensed breeders – a license only required if you’re a larger scale breeder. That information is public record. When The Puppy Mill Project and others have taken the time to follow the paper trail, they have found the mammas and it’s not been in a happy place.

So, if anyone is filing a defamation suit, put the whole issue to rest and please just show us the mammas and the tone and focus of the debate will change.

There are reputable breeders out there. They don’t sell to pet stores. They do interview anyone who wants to purchase one of their puppies and ask a lot of questions. They welcome questions from families buying the dogs…and…you rarely have to ask for them to show you the mammas because they are all in the same room.

If you’re getting your dogs from those sources, please take the time to set the advocates straight and just show us the mammas…it shouldn’t be a big secret.

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